Dr Syrach Larsen, Peter Bredsdorff and S/W Carl of Nesko



Dr Syrach Larsen, Peter Bredsdorff and S/W Carl of Nesko


Photograph 1 is a half length portrait of a man wearing shirt and tie, seated in a chair, captioned ' Dr Syrach Larsen - Lisa's Father'.
Photograph 2 is a street scene with a curved road, lamp posts and trees, captioned 'The road outside Dr Larsen's House'.
Photograph 3 is a a modern photograph of a man with his arm round a woman, captioned 'Roy and Lisa outside the Summer House'.
Photograph 4 is three men seated on a bench. They are in uniform and are wearing steel helmets. It is captioned 'Peter Bredsorss who was a Freedom Fighter. He was also an architect from 1942 and became World famous as an 'Urban planning authority' and 'Three freedom fighters from the architect group of 'Frit Danmark' outside Randersgade Skole, 5th May '45. Peter Bredsdorff in the middle, Mogens Boertmann to the left, and Esben Klint to the right. Source: private archive.'
Photograph 5 is a small passenger ship with a single funnel. It is parked at the quayside with office buildings behind. It is captioned 'S/S Carl of Nekso, Bornholm', originally 'Carl von Linne', built 1884 in Norrkoping, Sweden, since '38 owned by A/S Det ostbornholmske Dampskibsselskab, at full steam, at the quay at Havnegade. Please note the lifeboats on the top deck. Source: S.R. No 93:93, Handels-og Sofartsmuseet pa Kronberg, Elsinore' and underneath 'The [undecipherable]'.



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Four b/w and one colour photographs on an album page


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“Dr Syrach Larsen, Peter Bredsdorff and S/W Carl of Nesko,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 16, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10465.

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