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Top - seven aircrew all wearing battledress standing in two rows. Captioned 'Geo Wilcock (Nav 1), Nobby Clarke (Nav 11), Dave Hicks (W/Op), rish Miller (pilot), Sid Loseby (R.G.), Ron Baker (M.U.G.), Allan Edwards (F.E.)'. Titled 'Warboys Huntingdon…

Two photographs of Jim.
Photo 1 is submitted with caption; “Self Dec. 1943”.
Photo 2 has Jim standing beside a Lancaster tyre and is submitted with caption; “At 514 Sqdn, Waterbeach.”

Air-to-air photograph of ten Lancasters against backdrop of cloud and terrain, submitted with caption; “514 sqdn on way to Regensburg 20/4/45”

Jim standing with his crew at the starboard side of their Lancaster 'J'. Submitted with caption; “L-R, Sgt Pugh, Sgt Cook, Sgt Baker, Jim Eley, Sgt Fox, Sgt Austin, F/O Eykyn. RAF Waterbeach. 514 Squadron”.

Seven RAF crew, standing in front of the rear end of a Lancaster Bomb bay, next to a record of 514 Squadron Operations, submitted with caption; “Flying Officer Norman James Eley and crew, RAF Waterbeach June 1945”.
Annotated 'Good Luck!…

A vertical aerial photograph of the attack on Heligoland island. Most of the island is obscured by bomb explosions. Submitted with caption; “Actual photo taken over Heligoland submarine pens during 1000 bomber raid April 1945.”
The image is…

Item 1 - a list titled 'Denis Bradbury's crew' of five addresses in Canada for Hank, Woodie, Gort, Roy and Don. Item 2 -Underneath is Len Thatcher's Welsh address.

Item 3 - card of 514 Squadron crest. Approved by King George VI.

Item 4 - two…

Item 1 - seven airmen sitting on top of Lancaster JI-N 'PB145'. One man is sitting on the mid-upper gun turret. Underneath is 'Rosebud'.
Item 2 - an airman standing on a port outer engine.
Item 3 - two airmen standing with their hands in their…

Item 1 - wireless operator's station inside a Lancaster.
Item 2 - in-flight view across the starboard wing of a Lancaster.
Item 3 - in-flight view of the mid-upper gun turret.
Item 4 - caption 'RAF Waterbeach 514 Squadron Operational'.


Item 1 - seven airmen in flying suits at the tail of a 514 Squadron Lancaster.
Item 2 - nine airmen in two rows outside a Nissen hut.
Item 3 - an airman standing in front of large bush.
Item 4 - two airmen standing in front of bushes.
Item 5 -…

A group of seven airmen sitting on top of a Lancaster, JI-N, PB142. One man is sitting on the mid-upper turret. Underneath is 'Rosebud'.

From the left the crew is: wireless operator / air gunner Sergeant Denis Carlos Bradbury 198880 (1811449), mid…

Seven airmen in two rows at the rear of a Lancaster, JI-N'. Four are identified with annotations - 'Len Thatcher, Hank Snow, Denis Bradbury, Woody Freamo'.

Seven airmen in flying gear at the rear of a 514 Squadron Lancaster.

From left to right, back: Gorton Craig 'Gort' Angus; Donald G. 'Don' Thompson; Henry Charles 'Hank' Snow; Roy A. Moran; Leonard James 'Len' Thatcher.
Front: Bernard Ellwood…

Seven airmen standing at the rear of their Lancaster. They are wearing their flying gear. On the reverse -
'W Hough M.U.G.
R Bridge R/G
P. Rahill F/E
S Highfield WOP
B Vineberg B.A.
J.F. Ness Pilot
all the best
M.A. Catty Nav'

Seven airmen in flying gear standing at the rear of a Lancaster. On the reverse are signatures of the seven airmen.

Seven airmen in a row in front of Lancaster ME422 JI-Q.
The crew are: 47225 (549527) Flight Lieutenant Roy Henry 'Marco' Marks, pilot (4th from left)
Sergeant T. Collins flight engineer
164442 (1583325) Flying Officer Robert Arthur Edward…

Starts with description of operations with B-25 from RAF Foulsham. Succeeded by 514 Squadron Lancaster and 1678 training flight. Replaced by 192 Squadron of 100 Group flying Halifax, Mosquito and Wellington on radio countermeasure and other special…

Seven aircrew leaving a Lancaster 'A’, parked on a dispersal with bomb doors open following a daylight operation to Duisburg 14 October 1944. All aircrew are wearing life vests, carrying crew bags and helmets; two wearing Sidcot suits, two with…

Navigational computation for an operation to Hamm. Also included is a vertical aerial photograph taken during the bombing operation.

Navigational computations and chart for an operation to Vohwinkel marshalling yards. Included is a vertical aerial photograph with the annotation 'N. A/Pp and on the reverse 'Nr Haan Mod 74'.

Navigational computations and a chart for an operation to Wuppertal, Vohwinkel marshalling yards. A vertical aerial photograph taken during the attack is included and has the annotation '200 yds 280°' and on the reverse '200 yds 280° Bomb door mod…

Navigational computations and a chart for an operation to Siegen. Also included is a vertical aerial photograph.

Large group of airmen and ground crew arranged on, around and on top of a Lancaster, in front of a hangar. The photograph is in a mount with the RAF crest at the top and underneath '514 Squadron, RAF, Waterbeach, 1945'.

This item was sent to the…

A large group of airmen arranged at the front and on top of a Lancaster. The image has a squadron crest at the top. Behind the aircraft is an open hangar.

Five items, Edward's description of the operation to bomb Panzer concentrations in woods, requested by Field Marshall Montgomery. As the operation was in daylight Edward was able to describe the scene not too long after D Day. There is also Edwards…
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