Page 11 of D C Bradbury Scrapbook



Page 11 of D C Bradbury Scrapbook
Denis' Canadian and Welsh crew


Item 1 - a list titled 'Denis Bradbury's crew' of five addresses in Canada for Hank, Woodie, Gort, Roy and Don. Item 2 -Underneath is Len Thatcher's Welsh address.

Item 3 - card of 514 Squadron crest. Approved by King George VI.

Item 4 - two airmen, arms linked, at the rear of a Lancaster.

Item 5 - the starboard wing of a Lancaster in flight.

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Two handwritten notes, one printed crest and two b/w photographs



“Page 11 of D C Bradbury Scrapbook,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 22, 2021,

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