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A squadron photograph of many airmen arranged in six rows at the front of a Lancaster with an seventh row on top of the wing. On the reverse '460 Sqn. RAAF March 1943 Aircraft 'R Robert' Lost on Skoda Raid April 17th 1943 24 Operations'.
Two further…

Darwin Evans volunteered for aircrew in 1940 and began training as a navigator. After an accident while training at RAF Bobbington (later RAF Halfpenny Green) ended his operational flying duties, he retrained as a compass adjuster at RAF Cranage and…

Lancaster with starboard undercarriage failure.
A second photograph has been printed as a mirror image.

Ten close up photographs of damage to aircraft showing the underside of an aircraft, a mangled pile of an aircraft, the remains of a wing, the side of Lancaster 'AR-D', small items of debris with an airman walking through it, the heavily damaged…

The Lancaster has landed with the undercarriage up. The port outer engine mountings have failed and the engine is lying on the grass. One airmen is looking closely at the damage.

Six men filling in a crater supervised by an airman. There is a lorry and a Lancaster in the distance.

Two images of a Lancaster, 'AR-K', that has landed with the undercarriage up. The port outer engine has broken away and is being examined by two groundcrew.

Three Lancasters preparing to take off. One is lined up on the runway.

A Lancaster which has landed wheels up is being recovered by a ground crew. A small crane wagon is at the nose of the Lancaster.

Ground crew working on a Lancaster which has landed wheels up. One airmen is leaning on the nose of the aircraft with his hands in his pockets.

Nose art on an aircraft. Donald Duck is holding a bomb, underneath is written 'Donald (Do'emover) Duck'. 27 bombs indicate 27 operations.

A Lancaster 'D' parked and chocked on hard standing, taken from the side. Bomb doors are open. Another Lancaster is in the background.


Lancaster 'AR-A' taken from the side on the ground. In the foreground is a wooden board with '4' on it and a T indicating the runway in use. Two other Lancasters and a hangar can be seen in the background.

Three Lancasters on the ground. The closest aircraft is 'AR-B'

Three Lancasters preparing to take off, taken from another aircraft .

A distant view of three Lancasters. In front of the closest aircraft are four airmen.

Two Lancasters parked on hard standing. Two airmen are cycling towards them. Behind is a large hangar and two other cyclists.

An airman sitting in the cockpit of a Lancaster. Taken from the outside. The aircraft has nose art for five operations.

Lancaster nose art of Pinocchio with a drum and Jiminy Cricket with a sousaphone. Underneath is painted 'MACNAMARA'S BAND'.
Operations are marked by quavers rather than bombs.

A side view of a Lancaster taken over the wing of a second Lancaster.


A side view of a Lancaster parked on a circular pan dispersal. In the distance are three more Lancasters and part of a hangar.

A view of a Lancaster on the ground.


Three views of Lancaster under maintenance. Photo 1 has an engine trestle at the nose. In front is a tractor with a bomb trolley carrying incendiaries. Photo 2 has several engine access frames under the engines and a long stepladder at the nose. A…

A view of the cockpit and port inner engine with the engine covers removed.


Side view of a chocked Lancaster with its engines running. Underneath is an airman and a trolley accumulator. The hatch at the rear is open with a ladder visible.
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