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An airman wearing glasses sitting in the cockpit of a Lancaster. Underneath is a cartoon of Donald Duck with a horn. There are also 11 maple leaves with a letter.

Two airmen are sitting on top of a Lancaster cockpit. Underneath is nose art featuring a round saw blade with wings cutting and producing sparks.
12 bombs are painted on.
There is a second image with 'PL28042'.

An airman leaning out of a Lancaster cockpit. There is nose art of a flying woman and 'Countess' painted, along with three bombs.

A pilot with a Canadian shoulder tag in the cockpit of an aircraft.

A squadron leader seated at a desk doing paperwork. He has a DFC ribbon.

Three airmen at the nose of a Lancaster 'M' with 'Berlin Special' and maple leaves on the nose. One airman has an air gunner brevet. They are holding hands.

Two sets of three airmen on ladders and one airman in the cockpit of a Lancaster 'G'. The nose has a 408 squadron badge, a maple leaf and 'Miss Kingsville'.

A port side view of a Halifax, 'OW-M' on dispersal. In front is a Nissen hut and a tractor is in the distance. The image is annotated 'PL43473' and 'UK20572'.

A rear/starboard view of a Lancaster on a snowy taxiway, with its engines running. It is annotated 'Halifax at Linton 426/Sqd'.

An airman complete with lifejacket is inside his aircraft heading to his station. On his shoulders are Canada flashes.

A squadron leader with a DFC ribbon. He is sitting in the cockpit. Underneath is a cartoon of an elf or gremlin.

A half length portrait of a pilot in dress uniform.

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Two airmen sitting on a sofa and a third leaning on the side. They are inside a Nissen hut.

Five airmen drinking tea. They are all in flying kit. The image is annotated 'PL19702'.

An 8000 pound bomb on a trolley with 16 airmen arranged behind it. Further behind is a Lancaster. The bomb has written on it 'Merry Christmas from the RCAF. An 8000lb present for Adolph. But if he can read this, he's lucky'. There are christmas…

Seven airmen with parachutes, harnesses and Mae Wests in front of a Halifax. It is annotated 'PL19951'.

Three airmen on top of a Lancaster examining the mid-upper gun turret. The turret has been damaged as has the side of the aircraft, DS686 'OW-D'.

Five airmen arranged round a table. The airman in the centre is taking notes and an airman in a leather jacket is working with a map.The other three, including a pilot, are looking on.

Five airmen are seated at a table and two airmen are looking on. The airman on the right is taking notes and the others are watching.

The four airmen are in a parachute store and are examining a drogue chute. A WAAF is looking on.
The image is annotated 'PL22178'.

A sergeant flight engineer at work inside his aircraft. It is annotated 'PL22179'.

A Lancaster Mk 2, DS708, 'Q' under maintenance. One man is working on an engine and a second is painting an operation mark on the nose. There is a playing card, Queen of Hearts, painted on the nose.

A Lancaster Mk 2 'EQ-H' is on the ground and chocked whilst its engines are run up. On the ground an engineer looks on. It is annotated 'PL22517'.
Another annotated 'PL22518'

Five photographs of Lancasters Mk 2s departing on an operation. As they start their take off a crowd of well wishers wave them off.
Annotated 'PL22520-PL22524'

Small groups of ground personnel at the side of the runway, waving off departing Lancasters. Alongside the control caravan is an assortment service vehicles; bikes, cars and trucks. It is annotated 'PL22525'.
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