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A cartoon of a Lancaster with only one engine running. A cartoon head is sticking out behind the cockpit saying 'This is no fun with one fan still running'. Two of the boffins [labelled] have parachuted out.

A cartoon featuring aircrew in their local pub. On a second sheet the names are handwritten and on a third sheet the names are overlaid on a copy of the cartoon.

Neil Ramsey's account of his time at the Telecommunications Flying Unit, Defford, Worcester. The unit was divided into a defensive and an offensive section and because of his experience he was posted to the bomber section.
Various aircraft were…

An article written by Neil Ramsey referring to a cartoon drawn by 'Budd'. He details the social life and personalities on the base including Ronnie Smith who flew a Lancaster under a Severn railway bridge. Reference is made of an Oboe reunion in…

Neil Ramsey flew operations as a pilot with 75 and 105 Squadron Pathfinders. Neil flew twin engine aircraft, including the Wellington and later the Mosquito. Neil talks about New Zealander Jimmy Ward, who was awarded a Victoria Cross. Neil Ramsey…
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