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A football team posing as a group. On the reverse each man is named and 'Aden. Oct. 1946'.


A street scene of Maala with people and carts. On the reverse 'Market Place and Bus terminus at Maala. Aden Oct.46'.

Application made by Sarah Green requesting £47 on 14 October 1946. Covered by request dated 25 October 1946 from Customs and Excise requesting clarification of information on the form.

A man, in tropical uniform, is squatting in front of a cactus bush. In the background a featureless, desert-like landscape extends to the horizon. On the reverse, 'me, a cactus bush and the wilderness of India!!' and, 'Taken outside camp', and, 'Oct…

A view of rows of graves. On the reverse 'British Military Cemetary [sic] Singapore Oct 1946'.

A young boy sitting on a railing at the billets. On the reverse 'One of the Chinese Room boys RAF Tengah Singapore Oct 1946'.

Five airmen standing on a pavement with a bicycle. On the reverse 'The Club, outside our favourite stopping place, The 'V' Restuarant[sic]. Aden Oct 1946'.

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Five men standing in line. The two on the left wear overalls and the second from left is shaking hands with Roy Chadwick wearing coat and hat in the centre. To the right another two men both in overalls. The man on the far right is wearing side cap.…

Top left - view of sun over sea with building bottom left. Captioned 'Sun rising over sea at Beaulieu, Nice, French Riviera, Oct 46'.
Bottom left - view inside Eifel tower leg. Captioned 'Looking down pylon of Eifel tower, Paris, Nov 46'.

An airman holding a child on his bicycle. The boy is wearing a pith helmet. On the reverse 'Johnnie and Peter, Aden. Oct. 1946'.


The nose of Lancaster 'Aries' with the front lifted up for maintenance. Two ground crew can be seen working under the nose. On the nose is painted 'Aries' and a list of locations the aircraft had been flown to.
On the reverse 'Cockpit and nose of…

Writes they are thinking of her and stockings being sent. and hopes lack of have not caused her catching a chill. Discusses family activity and news.

A large group of airmen and civilians watching the award of a cup to Squadron Leader Hazel. On the reverse 'Malaya Sports (Seleter) Singapore Oct 1946 S/Ldr Hazel collects his cup. Third in 880 yds.'

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Photo 1 is Valetta cathedral.
Photo 2 is the Armoury, Governor's Palace.
Photo 3 is a street view, looking towards the cathedral.
Photo 4 is a street view with goats.
Photo 5 is Valetta harbour with six ships.
Photo 6 is an ornamental…

Two views of a marching band. On the reverse of the first 'Pipe band of Scotch [sic] regiment playing (Seleter) [sic] Malaya Sports Oct: 1946 Singapore'.
On the second 'The band again Malaya Sports Singapore Oct 1946'.

The Dakotas will be used to transport grain to East Bengal. Handwritten on the cutting is 'The Statesman Oct 29th 1946'.

Top - explanatory note explaining that the RAF took over the task of delivering aircraft from the A.T.A. Mentions photograph was at the front door of his house at Silloth.
Below - Extract from Ned Sparkes log book from 1October 1946 to 18 October…

A two storey modern building identified on the reverse as The Officers' Mess at RAF Tengah, Singapore, October 1946.


Six airmen on a rocky headland at the beach. On the reverse each man is identified and 'Aden Oct. 1946'.

Six airmen and two bicycles. On the reverse 'The Club having a breather in Steamer Point. Aden. Oct. 1946'.

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A view over the field being used for the sports day. In the foreground is a table and chairs, then the sporting activities and in the distance hangars. On the reverse 'Malaya Sports. A view of the track Singapore Oct 1946'.


An airman in khaki and shorts standing beside a Jeep. Behind is a row of tents. On the reverse 'RAF "Tengah" Chaplain S/Ldr "Rev" Ashton (A wizard type) Oct 1946 Singapore.'

Seven airmen arranged on and around a small boat. They are displaying tiny fish that they have caught. On the reverse 'The Barren Rock Fishermen Aden. Oct. 1946'.


A blurred image of three airmen sitting at a bar. On the reverse 'The Boys at the Bar RAF Tengah Singapore October 1946'.

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A field gun outside the Officers' Mess at RAF Tengah. On the reverse 'The Mess defence RAF Tengah, Singapore October 1946'.


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