Application for an advanced payment of compensation to avoid undue hardship



Application for an advanced payment of compensation to avoid undue hardship


Application made by Sarah Green requesting £47 on 14 October 1946. Covered by request dated 25 October 1946 from Customs and Excise requesting clarification of information on the form.



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Three page printed form document filled in


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[Customs and Excise Letterhead]
C & E Local No 3550
From Collector
To Mrs. Sarah A Green
Postal Address [date stamp]
194 .
Dear Sir or Madam,
The attached form W.D.A.1 is returned herewith in order that you may answer Question 1 (full name) 7 and 9
and for the following reasons
You should attach your deferment note, deferment letter and any correspondence from the District Valuer and Assistance Board
Question 7 - presumably this advance was from Assistance Board please state @ (c) office when received
Question 9 - If your answer on form WDA 24 is “Yes” then the words “+2 1/2% as agreed 1/5/42 should be deleted and installed on WDA.1
Please reply at your earliest convenience, returning this letter and the completed forms W.D.A.1 and WDA.24 or, if you prefer to reply personally, please call at this office with these papers on Mon to Friday 10am to 4pm or Sat 9am to 12 noon
An official paid label is enclosed.
Your obedient Servant,
[underlined] H Rothwell [/underlined] Officer of Customs and Excise.
for Collector
Sec. 38372’1945 (104071) Wt 32463/471 10/45 26m (4) FJP 729

[page break]

W.D.A. 1

PCS No. KB 4674

For Official Use.
Local No. 3550
Date Received 25 OCT 1946

Application for an Advance Payment of Compensation to Avoid Undue Hardship

Notes. – (1) Do not use this form if the total amount of damage sustained is £25 or less. Early payment will be made, without application, in cases where the assessed damage does not exceed £25.
(2) Do not use this form until after you have made your claim either to the District Valuer (on form P.C.S. 4), or, if you are a Private Chattels Scheme Policy Holder, to your Insurance Company )on form P.C.S. 3).
(3) Interest is not payable on compensation paid in advance to avoid undue hardship.
(4) Any information given either on this form or personally to the Officer of Customs and Excise will be treated as Strictly Confidential.
(6) All the questions must be answered.

[inserted] X [/inserted] 1. (a) Name in full SARAH ANN GREEN National Registration No. N.P.S.B. 84/1
(Block Capitals). (State whether [deleted] Mr [/deleted]., Mrs., [deleted] or Miss [/deleted])
(b) Present Address 2 BARRETT ST Manchester [underlined] 16. [/underlined]
2. (a) Address at which chattels were damaged or destroyed 10, TARBUCK. St Salford.
(b) Date of Damage Xmas 1940 22/12/40
(c) Were you the householder at the date of damage? Yes.
3. Members of the household at date of damage.
Names (in full) Self. Irene. Green. ) now Howard.
Relationship (if any) to claimant D/ter
Age if under 16 21.
Whether dependent on claimant Not now.
4. (a) Have you made a claim to the District Valuer? (See Note 2 above) Yes.
(b) Please quote the District Valuer’s Reference No. PCS/KB 4674.
(c) If you have agreed, an assessment with the District Valuer, please state the amount £88-0-0
(d) If not agreed, what is your estimate of the loss or damage? –
(If you have any correspondence (including a Deferment Letter or Note) relative to your claim, please attach it to this form.)
5. (a) If any of the total claimed is due to children over 16 or other persons over 16, state the amount and to whom due. Amount Name
(b) If any of the children over 16 or other persons over 16 made separate claims to the District Valuer, please give particulars. Name
District Valuer’s Reference Number

6. Did the chattels damaged or destroyed include any
(a) Motor Vehicle No
(b) Furniture on Hire Purchase No.
(c) Business equipment No.
[15 OCT 1946 date stamp]
7. Have you or any member of your household received any money from the Assistance Board? If so, please state
(a) Amounts received £41 -0-0
(b) By whom received Self.
(c) Office or Offices from which received Private Chattels Board of Trade
[inserted] X [/inserted] Romney House
London. SW [missing number]
Please attach any correspondence from the Assistance Board.

[page break]

8. (a) Have you received or applied for any furniture, household goods, etc., from your Local Council? If so, please state the value of the furniture, etc., still in your possession No.
(b) Do you intent to retain this furniture, etc.? –

9. (a) Amount of advance now requested £47-0-0.
(b) Please give approximate amounts you propose to spend under the following headings:
Repairs to furniture
New furniture
New curtains, bedding and floor coverings
New clothing
I am making this claim on hardship grounds., I am 66 years of age and see no reason why I should not now be [deleted word] able to obtain the £47-0-0, in view of the fact that people with Post ware.[sic] credits can cash them on a/c of age.
(c) If you are not remaining in your damaged home, how many rooms do you propose to furnish, and at what address?
(d) Will your household remain as stated at 3 above? If not, please give particulars of changes Yes.
[deleted] (e) If any part of the amount at (a) above is to meet the needs of a child over 16 or other person over 16, whose chattels have been included in your claim, please state the amount needed, and the name of the child or person concerned.
Amount [/deleted]T £47-0-0. + [deleted] 21/2% as agreed [/deleted] [inserted] X [/inserted] 1/5/42.
[deleted] Name [/deleted]

10. (a) What is your occupation? HW.
(b) Amount of Weekly Income –
From earnings 26/-.
From other sources None.
(c) Amount of any Capital or Savings, including Bank Balances None.
(d) Expenditure, e.g. Rent 13/.9.
Rates –
Mortgage Interest –
Insurances 2/-
School Fees –
(e) Income and Capital of any child or person over 16 mentioned at 9 (e) above None

11. (a) If you have suffered War Damage to your chattels on any other occasion, please state: [deleted] Date of Damage District Valuer’s No. Address of Damage [/deleted]
(b) If you or any member of your household has previously applied to the Customs and Excise for an advance either for the present damage or other damage, please state: [deleted] Date of the application The office to which made Amount received [/deleted]

I declare that the particulars stated above are true and that I and my household will suffer undue hardship unless the advance requested is paid.
I understand that I may be required to give further information in connection with this application to the Officer of Customs and Excise.
Date 14/10/46.
Sarah Ann Green
Applicant’s Signature.

(This application must be signed by the person who made the claim to the District Valuer.)
Have you answered all the questions on this form? If so, you should now send the completed form, together with your Deferment Note or Deferment Letter (if you have one) to the local Officer of Customs and Excise, whose address may be obtained at the nearest Information Centre or at the Post Office.
Do not forget to attach the correspondence. – See Questions 4 and 7 overleaf.
*Note. – If preferred, the information at item 10 may be omitted and given personally to the Officer of Customs and Excise.

Sec. 5726/1945
(103615) Wt 61056/746 3/45 60m (4) FJP 729
(103940) Wt 26454/145 8/45 30m (2) FJP 729



H Rothwell and Sarah Green, “Application for an advanced payment of compensation to avoid undue hardship,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 9, 2023,

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