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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1942-04-26"

The top left photograph on the left page shows accommodation huts with the caption "THE BARRACKS".
The top right photograph on the left page shows fields with trees in the background, and captioned "PLAYING FIELDS".
The bottom left photograph on…

Tadeusz Jasinski’s Flying Log Book as a wireless operator from 9 May 1941 to 14 October 1945. Carried out training at No. 2 Signal School, 4 Air Observer School (air gunner training) and 18 OTU, Posted to 304 (Polish) squadron for operations in…

A vertical aerial photograph of the docks at Rostock, taken during an operation. The centre of the image is obscured by flashes of light.
The image is captioned 'I.V.Y. 304 NT 26/27.4.42 f8" --> T.X.X.'
On the reverse is handwritten 'Rostock'.

An officer in front of a map of Poland and the Baltic region. He is pointing at Wismar.
On the reverse 'Wismar Route to Rostock (in capitals) 26 Apr 1942'.
There is a second, identical, copy.

Covers from April 1941 on 150 Squadron flying Wellington, then on 21 Operational Training Unit and finally on 156 Squadron with Wellington and then Lancaster until operation to Dortmund 4 May 1943 when his aircraft was hit and target indicator bomb…

A.W. Green’s RCAF Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book, from 14th January 1941 to 19th June 1942, detailing training and operations as a navigator. He was stationed at RCAF Base Port Albert (No. 1 Air Navigation School), Canadian Forces…

Writes of sitting in garden with daughter and of his new crewing. Mentions Whitley aircraft overhead and continues with family/friends news. Hopes he will be able to come home and encourages him to see MO about his cold. Comments on good weather and…

Elucidation to the Hitler Speech 1942

Vertical aerial photograph of Rostock. Most detail is obscured by anti-aircraft fire. The Unterwarnow and the Altstadt are partially visible. Captioned ‘1. T(Y5) 12 NT 26/27/4/42 F/8” [arrow] TX’.

Vertical aerial photograph of unidentified location. Details are obscured by anti-aircraft fire. Captioned ‘5. P(X6) 12 NT 26/27/4/42 F/8” [arrow] TX’.

Vertical aerial photograph of a railway junction. At the bottom is Rostock urban area. Anti-aircraft trace fire obscures part of the left side. Captioned ‘1. P(Y6) 12 NT 26/27/4/42 F/8” [arrow] TX’, on the reverse 2500’ W of old…
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