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Front quarter view of a single engine biplane with wings folded back under an awning. Two men, one wearing a pith helmet stand to the left with another group standing and sitting by the cockpit. Part of nose faring and oil drums to the right. On the…

Rear quarter view of a large single engine biplane with enclosed cabin just above the ground. In the background trees. On the reverse '? The Avro Andover [sic] early 1920s'.

A group consisting men, women and children standing in a group on deck of a ship. The young girl on the left is holding a Japanese flag. Two Japanese Naval officers are standing just right of centre in middle of group. Roy Chadwick is centre at the…

Machine gun mounted on metal fuselage frame. On the reverse 'Machine gun on the Avro Avocet used 1920s'.

Twenty-five men and six women sitting and standing in three rows. All men are wearing suit and tie and women wear long skirts and jackets. Roy Chadwick is centre of front row. In the background a building with open windows.

A large number of draughtsmen working a desks in a large room. There are framed diagrams on the walls. On the reverse "Chadwick's drawing office Hamble about 1920, Crescent Studios, 61 High Street Fareham Hants'.

Photos 1 and 2 are the same and are of Fanny Thomas.
Photo 3 is Arthur's family cottage at Banwell with Arthur and Alison outside.
Photo 4 is a half length portrait of Arthur Thomas, son of Uncle Edwin and Aunt Mary. He died on active service in…

Photo 1 and 3 are the same. Photo 2 and 5 are the same. They are of Arthur's Grandfather at the entrance to his forge at Banwell.
Photo 4 is Arthur, a friend and his sister at the forge.

Photo 1 and 3 are the same. A group of two men and two women. They are identified as Fanny, Reginald, Froude and Emily Thomas.
Photo 2 and 4 are the same. Arthur's father, Reginald is standing in a garden holding a straw boater hat.

A framed montage of five photographs.
Photo 1 is a colour image of Akin standing on a street pavement, captioned 'A very dapper Dad just leaving the barber in Lisson Grove NW1, 1971'.
Photo 2 is a family group arranged in four rows, captioned 'Mass…

Gerald’s father, Wilfred, joined the Royal Air Force in January 1920 and stayed until about 1927 training as an aircraft fitter. He re-joined in June 1940 at RAF Cardington. In 1994, upon completion of training, he went to No. 1 Air Gunnery…

Rosemary Lapham is the daughter of Roy Chadwick CBE, the designer of the Manchester and Lancaster aircraft. She tells her father’s story. Her father was born in 1893 and when he left school at the age of fourteen he became a draughtsman at…
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