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The wedding of Albert Thomas Smith and Violet Mary Ralph. The couple are sat between two women. Three men and a woman are standing behind. Albert is in uniform showing his sergeant stripes and Violet is in a high necked, long dress holding a bouquet…

The service record of Albert Thomas Smith covering the period from his enlistment on 15 January 1926 to discharge on 23 March 1953. It includes reference to Albert being twice mentioned in despatches and being awarded the British Empire Medal and the…

Wing Commander Guy Gibson, commanding officer of 106 Squadron, congratulating the squadron on a month of successful operations and the record tonnage of bombs dropped despite difficulties which were overcome by the ground crews. Anticipating…

Certificate for mention in despatches award for distinguished service to Flight Sergeant A T Smith. Annotated on the reverse '560209. Flight Sergeant A T Smith'.

Scroll commemorating Benjamin Ramsden. It carries the Royal Coat of Arms of George VI and text honouring Ramsden's service.

Obverse view of war medals. From left to right: The 1939-1945 Star, The France and Germany Star, The 1939 - 1945 War Medal, The 1939 - 1945 Defence Medal.
The reverse view of the same four medals.
The box in which the medals were posted to…

A group portrait of 49 airmen in uniform, taken outdoors, against the side of a hangar. The men are arranged in four rows and Benjamin Ramsden is seated in the second row, fifth from the right. Ten of the men have a white arm band on their left…


A formal photograph of 50 airmen in uniform, taken outside, against the side of a building. The men are in four rows and Benjamin Ramsden is in the front row, fourth from the left. Most of the men have a white training flash on their field service…

Head and shoulders photograph of Benjamin Ramsden in uniform with pilot's brevet. It is taken outdoors with trees in the background

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Left page: top Winston Churchill's coffin under guard; bottom, funeral possession with the coffin being pulled by Royal Navy sailors through people lined streets, annotated, 'Winston Churchill's funeral 1965'. Right page, top four men in white tie…

Left page: top left, four men in suits at a dinner, labelled 'photo above, left to right. Sir Roger Hetherington, Sir Hugh Gaitskell Minister of Fuel, Dr Hartley and Sir Henry Tizard'; bottom, three men at.a dinner with man standing behind, annotated…

Left page: top, coffin of King George VI under guard; bottom, the KIng's coffin pulled by Royal naval sailors. Right page: top, progression of the coffin through people lined street; bottom left, four suited men sat at a desk with three men behind;…

Left page: top and bottom, view of the 10 February 1946 Potters Bar station train accident, annotated 'more photographs with Bob as pilot'. Right page: top left, consecration of a new altar; top left, two women walking in a garden; middle tight, head…

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Left page: top, invitation to cocktails; bottom, lifeboat alongside HMS Universal submarine with P57 on its turret. Right page, top, report of the US steamer Luray Victory, annotated 'Bob was pilot when these photographs were taken; below, report of…

Left page: top, Princess Elizabeth at an industrial exhibition, annotated 'British industrial fair 1949?'
Centre right, report of Princess Elizabeth inspecting cooking equipment;
Bottom, viewing kitchen installations.
Right page: top and…

Left page: top left, helicopter undertaking survey work.
Top right, an aircraft in flight with missiles suspended below the fuselage. Middle left, reports from surveyors.
Middle right, airborne missile below a Mosquito with a further missile held…

Left page: top, pilot with thumb's up, annotated 'Delivering the first De Havilland Dove to Hunting Air Travel. Bob in cockpit'.
Bottom, 14 members of the cast of the film This Dangerous Age arranged on the steps of a Hunting Air Travel aircraft. …

Left page: view of Luton with German annotation.
Right page: top left, report of rocket development.
Top right, aircraft in flight with tail wheel showing.
Middle left, three airmen standing alongside an aircraft.
Middle right, lifeboat…

Left page: top, crowds celebrating.
Middle left, Winston Churchill acknowledging the crowds.
Middle right, crowds gathered outside Buckingham Palace.
Bottom, the King, Queen, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret with Winston Churchill on the…

Left page: top, left and centre views of a lifeboat being dropped from an aircraft with parachutes attached.
Bottom, a lifeboat, with sails erected on the sea.
Right page; views of a lifeboat falling towards the sea with parachutes attached.

Left page: top left and right, damage to the undercarriage of an aircraft. Middle right, aerial view of aircraft on the ground.
Bottom left and right, aerial views of an airfield, annotated '4 pages to do with Bob's work as test pilot Armaments…

Left page: top right, a man in top hat and tails flanked by two women, annotated 'John Hawkin's wedding August 1960'.
Bottom left ten people inspecting a rowing boat on a frame. Bottom left, head and shoulder portrait of a boy, annotated 'Ricky'.…

Left page: top right, four army cadets standing to attention outside a tent. Four images of a boy, annotated 'Ricky'.
Right page, head and shoulder portraits of Ricky.

Left page: the library and museum at Berkhampsted school.
Right page: top, the Old Hall; bottom, the school cloisters.
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