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Article and photographs concerning three widows receiving medals earned by husbands. Includes Vera Gill, DFC of her husband Flying Officer Gill, Mrs Richard Bunker, DSO and bar of her husband Wing Commander Bunker and Section Officer Liddell WAAF VC…

Newspaper cutting with photograph of five 35 Squadron Lancasters airborne in formation. Article states 35 Squadron would represent RAF heavy bombers in London's victory day fly-past. Photo taken during test flight. Planes would fly to New York after…

Reports attack on Mannheim using incendiaries by Stirling, Halifax, Lancaster, Manchester, Wellington and Hampdens.

Main article - covers order to middle east army by Lieutenant General Sir Archibald Wavell and Air Chief Marshall Sir Arthur Longmore to fight on and that Egypt had been asked to declare war on Italy. Other headlines: ford to make 6000 air engines,…


Contains dress making article, horoscope, crossword, adverts and list of fund donations.

Contains Pop cartoon, adverts, article ob=n face creams and children's corner.

Article 1 - Number of short gossip articles about events during fighting in Belgium and France as well as evacuation from Dunkirk. Includes article on wedding of Squadron Leader Robert H Niven. Article 2 - account of Italian air force which is…

On the left main article with 7 photographs showing groups of soldiers after disembarkation from Dunkirk, lines of civilians at recruiting stations, soldiers with a dog and a group of sailors. On the right an article - what to do if this country is…


Main article - editorial expounding air and land integrated operations with reference to Spanish civil war and Germans in Poland. Suggests that British forces adopt the same approach and that there should be no lack of cohesion or rivalry between the…


Mani article covers the success of Battle of Britain and that that the United Kingdom should now continue the war. Mentions future of France and its empire and that Churchill had received messages endorsing decision to fight on.

Main article - states all men it is possible to use in defence of Britain will be called up and trained immediately with or without uniforms or equipment. Other headlines: obey these orders in invasion, give |L.D.V more weapons. Children for Canada…

Mani article - subsidiary headline: Petain orders fight on, Nazi white flag advance. Report on Hitler and Mussolini meeting when agreed attitude towards French request for armistice. Other headline|: French army of 500000 escapes, France bound by…

Main article - report of Churchill speech during broadcast about the Battle of Britain. Goes on to mention Dunkirk and review forces available and plans for the future invasion. Other headlines: Soviet seizes Baltic ships. tell the world. bar…

Front page - contains Churchill battle of Britain quote.Subsidiary headlines: dictators talk four hours; French general's appeal from London, let all children go to safety. Photograph of evacuated children sitting in row with crowd behind them.

Article stating that men aged 30, 31 and 32 were expected to register for military service in July 1940. Other headlines: RAF again bomb Italian base at Tobruk, Britain to take 3100 U.S. planes, sentry shoots, invasion soon: a Berlin report. Article…

Four columns explaining why France gave up in English, French, German and Dutch. Blondie cartoon at top.

Page of advice concerning use of cold meats, pies, galantines sold ready cooked in shops. Advice on aspic, fish, mayonnaise jelly, sweets, ices and creamed rice.

Main article concerning differences in sea bathing for evacuated children on east or west coasts. Offers advice to parents. Includes Pop cartoon at top right.

Newspaper page from Daily Sketch with account of a father who went to Normandy in France to rescue his wife and one year old son. Describes bombing of Le Havre and German advance. Goes on to mention aircraft machine gunning refugee columns.

Page of London news of people, events and happenings.

Left page: three columns of photographs one each of navy, army and air force with views pf people and equipment all with captions. Centre and right page photographs of Canada, S Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand army personnel. In the centre a…

Britain will win says french expert written in French, German, Dutch and English. Other headlines: Venezuelan oil concessions, war ideas wanted, rally in gilt-edged. Blondie cartoon strip at top.

Main headline: no change in official views on racing. present intention not to cancel Newmarket and Ascot meetings: Scots rugby star is prisoner. Round up of other sports news.


Page 7 - editorial comments with photograph of a Whitley production line. Other headlines: Britain will fight on, munition worker's pay
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