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Photograph 1 is of the operations board for 76 Squadron.
Photograph 2 is of the operations board for 78 Squadron 30 May 1942.
They are captioned: 'Operations Board, Target Cologne Germany, June 1942. 76 Squadron, 78 Squadron, Halifax A/C. R.A.F.…

Photograph 1 is of Reginald George Cavalier amongst several loaded bomb trolleys. In the background are trucks and aircraft.
Photographs 2 and 3 are of a group of airmen watching a 4000 lb bomb being lifted on slings. Captioned '1000 lb…

Photograph 1 is of the cockpit of a Halifax with damage below and in front of the pilot's position.
Photograph 3 is of the instrument panel of a Halifax showing damage. Captioned 'Halifax A/C, returned from a raid, Ruhr, Germany, damage to pilots…

Three identical images of five airmen standing at the front of Halifax EY-Q MZ774. On its nose is 'Queenie' and 16 operation 'bombs' painted on.

Those shown in the photo are, from left to right:
Sergeant Stanley George James Knight, flight…

The nose of Halifax MZ762 EY-P "Popeye's Purge" showing over 60 operations. There is a Popeye cartoon and 'Popeye's Purge' painted on the nose. The nicknames of four members of the crew are painted below the cockpit/windows/nose of each crew…

On the right Halifax Popeye's Purge LV794 airborne with wheels down just above the ground while below a man watches. To the bottom centre and left a small truck towing a check pattern runway caravan with wind sock behind.
Two versions of the same…
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