78 Squadron Halifaxes



78 Squadron Halifaxes


Photograph 1 is of the cockpit of a Halifax with damage below and in front of the pilot's position.
Photograph 3 is of the instrument panel of a Halifax showing damage. Captioned 'Halifax A/C, returned from a raid, Ruhr, Germany, damage to pilots panel. 78 Sqd Sqd/L Bickford, 9th July 1941.' [Squadron Leader Bickford flew operations with 76 Squadron.]
Photograph 2 is of seven aircrew wearing Irving harnessuits standing under the wing of an aircraft with parachutes, maps and equipment.
Photograph 4 is of two aircrew sergeants in flying gear with a map. Captioned (photos 2, 4 and 6) '78 Sqd Aircrews, Halifax A/C.'
Photograph 5 and 7 are of a crashed Halifax amongst some bare deciduous trees. Four airmen are examining the aircraft. Captioned 'Crashed Halifax A/C, Croft, Yorks.' This is Halifax EY-H W7669. It crashed after an engine fire on take off on the 5th June 1942. The fire was caused by a glycol leak in the port inner engine. The fire was extinguished and the engine feathered, the pilot completed a circuit and while coming into land the port wing dropped and the aircraft crashed approximately 400 yards from the runway. Three of the crew were killed in the crash; the pilot, 100577 Flying Officer Harold Ernest Bedford, 984531 Sergeant James O'Rourke (wireless operator) and 619222 Sergeant Vincent George Musslewhite (flight engineer).
Photograph 6 is of six aircrew in flying gear with a map.
Photograph 8 is a Lancaster taken from the rear/port side.



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