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She writes about the grand news. Kitty and Bob quickly passed on the good news. Olive could have jumped over the tallest chimney with delight at the news. It is hoped that Bob will soon recover and return to Joan quickly.

Mentions a letter from Mum about Joan’s news and that Olive has been thinking of her ever since. There is hope that much better news will surely come.

He writes about everyone being delighted at the latest news. He is extremely grateful for the kind actions during Nill’s stay in hospital.

Letter from niece in France writing that it is terrible that they are now at war. Writes about her family and mobilisation. Catches up with family news. Signed May.

A technical document describing the theory of pressure pattern flying. It contains formulae, diagrams, tables and text describing the techniques to be used. The last page is annotated 'Pressure Pattern Flying for Air Ministry orders.'


An accompanying letter from Flight Lieutenant W Hamley regarding the enclosed certificate. The certificate is for appreciation for Flight Lieutenant R Wareing DFC for services while serving between 14th December, 1954 and 13th December, 1958 in the…

Statement about David Boldy's character while attending St. Joseph’s College, Naini Tal, praising his true spirit of sportsmanship.


Writes of her attempts to find address of Stopes clinic and addresses some psychological issues that he has suffered despite a successful visit, Discusses whether he would like a relevant book with him or left at home. Writes she feels happy and…

Thanks him for recent letter and writes of recent activities and finances. Hopes his treatment is getting him well enough to come home on leave. Writes about daughter's upcoming dancing display. Mention she has sent him some papers and magazine and…

Writes that she has sent forth parcel and provides a long list and description of contents. Continues with news of holiday in Sussex describing availability of food from farm and new farming methods for tomatoes and lettuces. Goes on to describe…

Writes that she has received a large amount of his mail and mentions her own letter frequency. Replies to all the points and requests that he made in his letters. Says he should not worry about her job goes on with description of their daughter and…

Catches up with local news and that a number of acquaintances had passed away. Describes investigation of source of parcel he received from Sweden. Describes her and daughter's recent activities and that she had been able to get eggs recently.…

Acknowledges receipt of a number of letters and postcards from him. Mentions his health and that she had asked Red Cross to send violin strings to the camp. Mentions there would be no further private food parcels from the United States and some other…

She writes about the piano tuner turning up at the same time as the window cleaner. There have been 6 houses burgled recently in the area and she has recently seen Gone with the Wind, which she hopes they can see upon his return.

Terry Ford writes to Yvonne about having finished the course and in now waiting for the next course. He describes Manitoba and compares it to Severn Beach in size. He talks about the weather conditions in Manitoba and also asks what the weather is…

Terry Ford writes to his family about enjoying the course now that the weather has improved. By the end of the course he will be a qualified navigator and a pilot. He has received a letter from Uncle Claude inviting him to go to New York with him.

Terry Ford writes to his family about waiting for some tremendous news – it was about Churchill meeting Roosevelt in Africa. He writes about the contents of a parcel he has sent and who the items were for. No flying recently due to the snow.

Terry Ford writes to his parents about having received their letter and a parcel. He is going to see an exhibition of table–tennis of the world champions, they were invited by the Duke of Kent. Terry talks about Yvonne going to a Horticulture…

Terry Ford writes to his parents about receiving their airmail dated 7th Feb. He has been very busy with learning to fly and lectures. The instructor thinks that Terry is a good bomber type. They are getting in plenty of flying experience even in the…

A letter from Terry Ford to his family where he writes about arriving at Desford and that he has been sent to the drome with 8 others. They are learning to fly Tiger Moths. John Fisher, Clem Fletcher and Alan Harris are at Desford with Terry.

Terry Ford writes about being posted to Desford near Leicester with 33 of his colleagues. He has recently seen Hamlet and is going to see Macbeth before he starts his packing and cleaning.

A letter from Terry Ford to his family, where he writes about the accommodation in Stratford. He also lists some of the places he visited whilst in London – Tower of London, Tower bridge, Big Ben, Westminster abbey, the Mall and Buckingham Palace…

A letter from Terry Ford to his family, where he writes about arriving OK and the ordeal that Ivor and he had the previous evening. His new roommate is from Oxford University. He has been separated from Ivor and has not seen Denis.

A letter from Terry Ford to his family, where he writes about being on a ship which is more comfortable than they were led to expect. Pete Lamb, Allan Harris and Mac are also onboard as is Denis.


A letter from Terry Ford to his family, where he writes the training for flying–boats takes 18 months – 2 years. The hut has had to be fumigated after Clem Fletcher reported with mumps. He was hoping to see ‘Dubarry was a lady’ at the Opera…
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