Letter from Tery Ford to his parents



Letter from Tery Ford to his parents


A letter from Terry Ford to his family, where he writes about arriving OK and the ordeal that Ivor and he had the previous evening. His new roommate is from Oxford University. He has been separated from Ivor and has not seen Denis.




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1585520 AC2 Ford T.A.
Flight 3/38, A Squadron,
No 1 [deleted] A2 [/deleted] ACRC
Stockleigh Hall,
Prince Albert [deleted] Hall [/deleted] Rd.
London N.W.8
Dear Mum, Dad & Moira,
Well, I have arrived here alright, and have been billeted O.K.
I am sharing a room with a chap from Oxford University, & we ae the only room with hot water in the room, so I am lucky although my roommate is rather “posh” for comfort, which may surprise you.
Unfortunately, I have been separated from Ivor, who is in another flight and I have not seen him since this morning. (it is now evening)
We have been fully equipped, but uniforms have to be returned for alterations, although mine doesn’t need any.
We (Ivor & I) had rather a trying
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time last night having to wander around until about nine until at last some air crew chaps took us to their billets which were ½ empty, & gave us supper etc. & were very decent all round.
We have not seen much of London yet, as the tubes seemed to whizz so fast that we were a St. John’s Wood in no time at all.
The chaps here seem very decent, although I have not yet palled up with any of them and we have a very good corporal so I am looking forward to a good time. I shall probably be here about 3 weeks, & what happens then I don’t know.
Could you send me a cake of soap, as we have to provide our own, although I have found a piece for the time being.
Well I hope you are all feeling well, & full recovered from your great loss in my going.
That is all the news for the moment
So Cheerioh
All love
PS. I haven’t seen anything of Denis.
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Terry Ford, “Letter from Tery Ford to his parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 29, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/23824.

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