Letter to John Valentine from his wife Ursula



Letter to John Valentine from his wife Ursula


Thanks him for recent letter and writes of recent activities and finances. Hopes his treatment is getting him well enough to come home on leave. Writes about daughter's upcoming dancing display. Mention she has sent him some papers and magazine and asks for friends address. Asks him to keeps any bits of soap left over and encourages him to see dentist. Says she will try for extra clothing coupons and talks of other daily activities. No news of sisters arrival and concludes with other domestic gossip.



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Five page handwritten letter


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Lehmersham [sic]
July 11th
Darling Johnnie,
Thank you so much for your cheesy letter of 9th. I’m sorry my yesterday’s effort was such a poor Thing, but we had to make a dash for it to catch the bus to get us to Geenaids [sic] lion before the bank closed. I deposited £12 in cash & Mother’s £5 cheque, & am now up to date with my RAF allowances. I’ve paid off all my debt round here. I think too.
I’m so glad S/O Riley is doing something about your ankles Call her Fifi, tell her how thin she is. if necessary go so far as to give her a kiss, anything if only she’ll get you into working order again so that you
[page break]
can come on leave instead of going to Loughborough. I enclose the notice about Frances’s dancing display, we went to a rehearsal yesterday & it’s really going to b quite a pretty show. Of course another kiddy has taken her place as the Cupid, but I think she’ll be able to join in as a Shetland pony in “Cucu Days”, & as a leaf in the other dance, and of course she’d be proud fit to bust if you were there to see her.
I have sent you off a few papers today, some copies of “Life” which have & Godfrey left here. You could hand then over to the library when you’ve finished with them. Would you like some more knitting to do???
[page break]
Before I forget it, would you send me Pat Hodson’s address? I wrote it down in your little black book. She said her sister in law would be having her baby about now at Fulmer, so we might arrange to meet.
And if by any chance you get any bits of soap left over, would you keep the for me (in an old envelope or tin)? They are very useful for washing up, in my soap saver, and save using flakes or soap powder which are getting scarcer now.
DONT FORGET TO GO AND SEE THE DENTIST. You’ve got lots of time before the 19th – IF YOU START [underlined] NOW. [/underlined]
I’ll try & do something about extra clothing coupons, I
[page break]
expect Amersham would be the place to go. This afternoon we have to go into Genaides lion again to see Mr Mavier about the costumes for the dancing display, & tomorrow we are going out to tea with Jean None, so I’ll try to pet acorn on Friday.
I haven’t heard from Barbara yet, but we’re hoping she’ll come up on Saturday& stay over the weekend. I’ve invited her to stay here for Peter’s wedding, so you’ll be seeing her then. I hope, if she can’t manage to see you in hospital
I have planted out a lot of lettuces, taking advantage of the wet weather, & have secured a wtable [sic] harvest of slups [sic] with my slug lilles [sic]
[page break]
On the sideboard there is a lovely bowl of pink rambler roses (Dorothy Perkins) and purple clematis. They really look beautiful. The clematis has done very well considering this is only its second summer there are lots of buds coming.
Frances has been having a bout of dressmaking, she has a very free dashing style wish her doll’s clothes. & I’m kept busy threading needles & knitting cotton. The results please her very much, & she dolls make no complaint.
I’m longing to get at the piano but haven’t had time yet. I haven’t had your kitbag yet, has it actually been sent off yet, do you know? All my love darling, Ursula.
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Ursula Valentine, “Letter to John Valentine from his wife Ursula,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 9, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/20423.

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