Letter to Roy Chadwick



Letter to Roy Chadwick


Letter from niece in France writing that it is terrible that they are now at war. Writes about her family and mobilisation. Catches up with family news. Signed May.

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Three page handwritten letter


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Ka au hod Cap Coz.
[underlined] Le 17 Decembre [/underlined]

Dear Uncle Roy,
Isn’t it terrible to think that we are now at war. I can’t hardly believe it. Both the boys Maurice & Pierre are [indecipherable word] up – but up to now, they are not in danger and hope to be at Chatou on leave for Xmas. My husband is mobilised at his works, So I am anxious about him for the moment. We have abandoned Chatou and I am with the [indecipherable word] at the seaside home of my mother-in-law and here, we will stay, I am afraid, till the end of the war – because of the [indecipherable word] and let us hope and pray that time is not so far off. I would love

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to have news of you – but I expect you are terribly busy these days. I am very proud to hear about the wonderful exploits of the Royal Air Force – and [indecipherable word] happy to think, that France & England are so united.
Maurice & Daddy are still at Chatou with Mamy; Daddy has got much older, suddenly, with all the worries; Maurice is well & always as brave and smiling as ever. I was able to go & see them a few weeks ago. It is hard to be separated but how many are worse off.
Your god daughter is working well we happily have a good school a few miles away. You will be

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glad to know that she is first in English, which she ought to be, [indecipherable three words]?
I hope both you & Aunty Mary are well; perhaps Aunty will write me how you all are; as I expect you have not much time. And the girls? how are they?
I have good news of Alice. Phil is also mobilised at his works.
My fond love to all and best wishes for Xmas. I enclose a photo taken of us this summer I expect you know Maurice is married – fifteen days before war broke out
Cheers to all. Yours
[underlined] May [/underlined]



“Letter to Roy Chadwick,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 18, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10340.

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