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The letter advises Teddy's father that his son has been killed.

The letter was written 12 days before his last flight over Germany. He expresses his feelings if he is captured or dies serving his country.

An explanation of why James wrote about his late uncle. Also a page out of a diary kept by Bob's father.

A newspaper cutting reporting that Teddy Bryan is missing, believed killed.

A reference written by his commanding officer, praising his skills and mentioning his contribution to the filming of 'The Dam Busters'.

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Advice to improve mathematics training prior to call up.

MMuirRWL1388470-211008-13 copy.jpg
Note on the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, remembering Reg Muir.

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Certifies that Reginald William Lingfield Muir was missing and presumed to have lost his life as a result of air operations.

Requesting that Reg attend the combined recruiting centre. Giving instructions on what to bring and advising that he may not be called upon for immediate service.

Instructions for examination, mathematical calculations and answers relating to questions on navigation.


Page of mathematical calculations and a law, administration and hygiene exam paper.


A newspaper cutting about an operation at the railway yards.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

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With sympathy to Reg's mother following missing in action report.

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Confirming that Reg's belongings are safe and will be sent to the Central Depository and providing their address.

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Informing her that her son is missing after operations.

Written from the Sergeant's mess describing a dance at the station he had attended, family news and receiving a letter from Rose breaking off their relationship. Annotated 'Reg's last letter, received the same day as the news'.
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