Interview with Ronald Charles Davis


Interview with Ronald Charles Davis


When the war broke out Ronald was a solicitor’s clerk, then got a job with in Portsmouth. Whilst there he volunteered for air crew and went to London to join the Air Force. After about six months he was called up for training. He went on a fitter’s course and then to Scotland, working on fighters. Ronald went to an operational training unit to become a flight engineer. Training was on a Mk 2 Halifax. In 1944 the squadron flew to Calais as part of the D-Day invasion. Following leave, they were posted to 78 Squadron at RAF Breighton. He remembered his first daylight operation and also an attack on Dresden. Ronald carried out 37 operations. Ronald married Freda in 1949 and in 1950 was posted to Rhodesia where they both spent about two years, during which their son was born. In 1952 they went home and Ronald worked on Meteors at Duxford. They had a daughter and Ronald later worked on Shackletons. He then went on a course for engineers to work on Hastings with 48 Squadron and he took the family with him to Singapore. He took part in the operations following the Malaysia and Borneo uprisings bringing the troops in. He also was posted to a number of places, including Darwin, Sydney, Fiji, Christmas Island and Hawaii. Their son died in a car accident in 1972. Ronald retired from work aged 65.




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