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Eight page, Italy edition of the newspaper containing articles from various operational theatres and from home.
Page 1 headline is: 'Bombs Rain On Japan From 1,600 U.S. Planes'
Page 2 first article is titled: 'Nuremberg Likely For Trial Of…

A group of men arranged in front of a C-47. On the reverse 'Taken at Singapore after being flown from Logas, Sumatra, on September 20th. 1945. The better dressed chaps are cooks and medical orderlies sent to assist in the recovery of POWs. x is JG…

Aircrew flying log book 4, for F S W Jolliffe, navigator/radar, covering the period from 4 December 1956 to 20 July 1961. Detailing his flying duties with 46, 141, 41, 60 squadrons and headquarters number 11 group. He was stationed at RAF Odiham, RAF…

Aircrew flying log book 5, for F S W Jolliffe, navigator/radar, covering the period from 8 September 1961 to 8 May 1983. Detailing his flying duties with 60 squadron, all weather fighter combat squadron and number 2 air navigation school. He was…

Frank was a navigator flying Javelins from Singapore. On 3 December 1962 he and his pilot ejected from their Javelin. This signal relates the rescue activities taking place while Frank was in the jungle.

January to March 1963, the front cover has drawings of the aircraft types flown in FEAF at this time.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Fourteen photographs taken when Frank was in Singapore as a navigator on No 141 Squadron, flying the Javelin in 1961 - 62. Many of them are of Patti, some are in colour, some have hand written descriptions on the reverse.
One photograph is a man in…

Photographs taken when Frank was posted to Singapore as a navigator on 141 Squadron flying Javelins. Most of them are of Patti, some are dated and some have descriptions on the reverse.

Two photographs, the first in colour of Frank leaning on a railing overlooking a valley, with the date of Aug 62 printed on the surround. On the reverse caption 'On Penang Hill'. The second is of Frank in his office on the squadron, sitting at a desk…

Three photographs, the first is Patti is standing on the base of a stylised beast, house in background. The second is in colour of Patti standing outside a shop, Nov 62 is printed on the surround of the photograph, number 5 on the reverse. The third…

Head and shoulders of both at a formal function.

From 1946 mainly refers to the injuries he received when he ejected from a Javelin in 1962.

Records Frank's time in the RAF from his attestation to retirement.

RAF Form 31 issued to Ron to record his pay and allowances.


Frank was a Squadron Leader Navigator and Navigator Radar Leader on 60 Squadron flying the Javelin in Singapore. He was assessed as 'Will become fit for promotion.'

Two items, the first gives Frank's promotions with dates and the second gives the units attached or posted to with the dates.


Gives the units that Frank was posted or attached and the posts that he filled.

From HQ Fighter Command to RAF Tengah congratulating Frank and his pilot on their successful ejection from their Javelin.

Roy was born in Northampton and was evacuated from Becontree in London to Weston-super-Mare. He gained his degree from Queen Mary College, London, which was evacuated to Cambridge.

After the Air Training Corps, Roy was called up to be a…

Speculates on Rosser's current (civil/military) status and therefore addresses him as 'Mr'. Writes that he arrived in India some months ago but after the Japanese surrender and that he was flying transport on Dakotas from Rangoon. Comments on…

Top - four men wearing swimming trunks standing on a beach with building behind right. Captioned 'Changi beach, Singapore, (Norman, "Trader", Freddy, self)'.
Left - view from aircraft of large cloud. Captioned 'Cu-nim developing over Indian ocean,…
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