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Three photographs, first shows Jack, with others at a swimming pool, reverse captioned 'Changi, Singapore Sept 64, en-route to Borneo'.
Second is of Jack with Bill Jack, reverse captioned, 'Self & Sgt Bill Jack, Kuching Borneo 1964-65'.
Third is…

Four photographs, first two Jack on the veranda of a building, captioned 'Outside Basha', reverse captioned Kuching Borneo 1964-65'.
Third and fourth is Jack and other individuals in a row outside, awaiting a formal visit. Captioned, Duke of…

Four photographs, first of Jack with Arthur Price sitting in a Whirlwind entrance, reverse captioned, 'Arthur Price & self, Kuching Borneo, 1965, 225 Sqdn'.
Second is Jack standing in the entrance to a building with an individual, reverse…

Six photographs, first two are Jack with Bill Greenwood, reverse captioned 'Bill Greenwood and self, Borneo 1964-65'.
Third and fourth are of Jack with a group in a bar, reverse captioned 'Kuching Borneo 1964-65, "What is he on about?" Bill…

Three photographs, first is Jack standing outside office door, reverse captioned 'Kuching, Borneo 1964-65'.
Second is of a group in a bar, reverse captioned 'Kuching Borneo Nov 64'.
Third is of a group standing behind a table buffet, captioned…

When the war broke out Ronald was a solicitor’s clerk, then got a job with in Portsmouth. Whilst there he volunteered for air crew and went to London to join the Air Force. After about six months he was called up for training. He went on a…
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