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In the foreground a white poodle on the left and an alsatian on the right with two men kneeling behind them on a large lawn. In the background trees and another figure. Identified as Flying Officer Len Sumpter and another 617 Squadron member with…

An airman kneels in the centre surrounded by three dogs. In the background a number of other figures scattered over a lawn. Identified as Flight Sergeant Len Sumpter member of 617 Squadron aircrew with Simon the poodle and other dogs in grounds of…

Siamese cat lying on a cushion looking half right. One of Constance Cheshire's (nee Binney) pets. Either Billy or Malcolm. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.


Full length portrait of white poodle sitting looking to the left. In the background a brick wall. Leonard Cheshire's poodle Simon 1943-1944. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Three photographs.
1. A Sea Fury, 'BC-F', about to hit the barrier on an aircraft carrier, captioned 'Hitting barrier with SeaFury'.
2. Full length portrait of airman in navy uniform, captioned 'Switching sides - Fleet Air Arm -RN'.
3. Airman with…

1. An airman outside a tent with a billy can, captioned '"Pop" Bobby - 104 Sqdn visiting for tea. Ditched in Med after Naples Raid. Drowned'.
2. Airman in shorts digging, captioned 'Making a new home'.
3. Airman standing at the entrance to his…

Thirteen aircrew in two rows wearing tunic or battledress. Five are sitting in front with a dog 'Dusky' in the centre. David Donaldson is centre front. In the background trees. Other personnel identified as: rear row left to right: Flight Lieutenant …

Six aircrew all wearing battledress and side cap. Three kneeling in front and three standing behind. David Donaldson is centre front holding dog 'Dusky'. Two signatures and dog's name along the bottom. In the background trees.

A large number of Royal Air Force personnel in four rows in front of a Halifiax and a row on top of the wings. David Donaldson is in the middle of the front row just to the left of a goat. On the reverse '192 Squadron, B Flight, May? 1945'.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth wearing civilian clothes in an open horse drawn carriage. In the background trees,

Top six aircrew, three kneeling in front and three standing behind. David Donaldson is front centre holding onto a dog. Signatures on the bottom (A [..] Lauden front row left and A R Kendrick front row right). The dog's name 'Dusky' is written on…

Top - Thirteen aircrew in two rows wearing tunic or battledress. Five are sitting in front with a dog in the centre. David Donaldson is centre front and Reg Woolgar is standing fourth from the left on the back row. In the background trees. Bottom -…

Five airmen wearing greatcoats and caps standing with a horse. David Joseph is on the right.


Photograph 1 shows armoured vehicle and four uniformed men with horse-drawn vehicle behind.
Photograph 2 shows six armed civilians in street.
Photographs 3 and 4 show civilians crowding around an American armoured car with crew.
Photograph 5 shows…

Photograph 1 shows seven uniformed German troops and a military car in a street.
Photograph 2 shows three uniformed German troops, one driving a cart drawn by two horses, two with bicycles.
Photograph 3 shows two uniformed German troops driving a…


Photograph 1 and 4 are of a man and woman on a motor bike.
Photograph 2, 5 and 8 are of groups of children on a trailer pulled by a small tractor, captioned 'Priest House'.
Photograph 3 is a boy behind a fence.
Photographs 6 and 9 are a cafe,…


Photograph 1 is Derek (in uniform and with a stick) and his mother standing outside a house with a dog on a chair, captioned 'Derek & his mother'.
Photograph 2 is a lady sitting on a deck chair, captioned 'Derek's mother'.
Photograph 3 is Derek's…

Photographs 1 to 6 are dogs at a dog show, some dressed up, captioned 'Dog show where Nigel entered Cindy'.

Photograph 7 is a font in a later twentieth century church, captioned 'The font where Beverley was christened'.

Photograph 1 is a dog, a spoke-less bicycle wheel and a man's legs, captioned 'Cindy'.
Photograph 2 is a dog, captioned 'Suzie'.
Photograph 3 is a dog with four people seated behind, captioned 'Cindy's Father'.
Photograph 4 is a road view of a…


Photograph 1 is a dog lying on grass, captioned 'Cindy'.
Photograph 2 is a car and a girl in a dress standing at the front, captioned 'Germany Sandy'.
Photograph 3 is a man and woman sitting at a formal reception. It is captioned 'Nigel &…


Photograph 1 is a three-quarters length portrait of a young woman at a wedding, outside a church. It is captioned 'Diane'.
Photograph 2 is a view of the side of a lake or flooded ground with a tree. It is stamped March 1964.
Photograph 3 is a small…


Photograph 1 is a woman holding a dog. She is standing in a garden.
Photograph 2 are a man and woman on their wedding day. He is wearing his airman's uniform with sergeant stripes. They are standing outside the church.
Photograph 3 is a young girl,…

Photograph 1 is a woman in a dress holding a baby which is a long robe. She is standing outside a brick house.
Photograph 2 is a woman sitting on a motorcycle outside a brick house.
Photograph 3 is an alsatian dog sitting in a garden.
Photograph 4…


Photograph 1 is a man, woman, girl, child and dog outside a bungalow. A red car is partly visible.
Photograph 2 is a semi-detached house with a car in the drive and a partly visible second car on the road.
Photograph 3 is an old weather-boarded…


Photograph 1 is a woman sitting on a deck chair in a garden.
Photograph 2 is a man sitting on a deck chair at the beach. He is smoking a pipe and stroking a pale dog. Captioned 'Ken's father - Horace Walter'.
Photograph 3 is two men sitting on a…


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