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Squadron Leader William Barfoot in dress uniform at RAF Castle Bromwich. He’s wearing a navigator’s brevet and two rows of medal ribbons. A safe is partially visible.

The description of this item is partially based on information provided by…

William Barfoot in battledress with observer brevet sits on a wooden collapsible chair in front of a concrete hut. He has a whistle attached to his collar and some papers spread across his knees.

The description of this item is partially based on…

Flight Lieutenant William Barfoot, in dress uniform with side cap and observer brevet, is standing with his arm round his wife in civilian clothes in front of a hedge.

The description of this item is partially based on information provided by the…

William Barfoot (second from right) and four other air crew are standing by the port nose of an Albemarle. All are wearing flying gear and three have their hand on the adjoining members shoulder. Airman on left has flight sergeant insignia on his…

Seven aircrew are on grass arranged in two rows, for standing and three crouched. Men wear various combinations of battledress and tunics, side caps and peaked caps. William Anderson is standing second from the left. Buildings are visible in the…

Navigational computations and a chart for an operation to Wiesbaden.

Page caption: 'Middleton St George 1941'

Photograph 1 is of eight airmen under the nose of a Whitley. Captioned 'Pilot Sgt B. Jones with his Ground Crew, Whitley. A/C.'

Photograph 2 is of a sergeant pilot wearing a flying helmet and pointing to…

Photo 1 is a Whitley in flight. It is captioned 'Whitley MkV 1940 77 Sqdn, Topcliffe 1941'.
Photo 2 is eight airmen in flying kit standing in the snow at the nose of a Whitley, captioned 'Jim & Crew pre take off 1941'.

Official booklet describing purpose of the Empire Air Training scheme, pay and allowances. kit, the voyage to Canada, seasickness, arrival in Canada and differences from United Kingdom, about Canada, clothing, climate, sports, cost of living,…

Gee chain chart for South Western Chain Sheet 1

Navigational computations and a chart for an operation to Wesel.

Memories of an early operational sortie for Ted Neale. An hour into the flight the cover of the photoflash spinner had come off. This could have caused the flash to ignite in the aircraft and brought it down.

Eight RAF and Army servicemen in tropical dress, four sitting on a bench and four standing behind. All have their arms crossed. On the reverse (first row standing, second row seated) -
'The Crew
Left to Right
Johnny - George - Jimmy -…


Seven photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is two airmen standing under the port engine of a Wellington, captioned 'Sgt Smith and North'.
Photo 2 is a Wellington in flight, captioned ' "N" for Nuts'.
Photo 3 is an airman sitting on the ground,…

A message from the RAF welcoming Homer Lawson into the RAF.

A message from the Secretary of State for Air welcoming airmen into the RAF.

Bride, groom, three bridesmaids, bestman and father of the bride. The groom and bestman are in RAF uniform.

Formal portrait of a Marie Helene Kenworthy, George Henry Duke, best man and two other airmen; the airman on the right is a sergeant with pilot’s brevet, the groom is also a sergeant and the bride is in a white wedding dress and veil and carrying a…

Wedding of Bruce Wilson and Margaret - he trained with Ralph White who is far left.

Photograph shows groom in uniform, two other airmen, bride with long white dress, veil and bouquet and holding horseshoe charm on a ribbon; two bridesmaids in…

Full length portrait of a Pilot Officer wearing tunic with half brevet alongside a woman wearing dress a hat and holding wedding bouquet.

Full length portrait of a man wearing tunic with air gunner brevet walking on a path arm in arm with his bride wearing wedding dress and holding bouquet of flowers. In the background an arched doorway.

Photo 1 is Clifford Watson and his bride on their wedding day. He is in uniform and she is wearing a pale long wedding dress with headdress and carrying a bouquet.
Photo 2 is Sergeant Clifford Watson in flying kit.
Photo 3 is Clifford and Hilda…

Weather recorded during a flight.

A description of what happened before and during and operation. The battle order was posted, the crew checked over their aircraft, the bomb load was planned, the crew received their briefing, dinner was eaten (bacon and eggs), they dressed,…

Photograph 1 is the Capitol, Washington taken from an aircraft and partly obscured by an engine, captioned 'Capitol building, Washington D.C. 1947'.
Photograph 2 is a head and shoulders portrait of a man, a woman and a girl, captioned 'Lloyd,…
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