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A F K Jeziorski’s pilots flying log book (Private Licence) covering the period I June 1949 to 28 June 1954.
Aircraft flown in were Auster, Rapide, Proctor, Consul, Halifax 8 and York.

A F K Jeziorski’s pilot’s flying log book covering the period from 1 April 1944 to 30 Sep 1948. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as pilot. He was stationed at RAF Manby (1 AAS), RAF Watchfield (1 Beam Approach School), RAF…

A battleship moored in Hong Kong harbour.

Head and shoulders portrait of Andrezj Jeziorski. He is wearing a flying jacket. On the reverse 'Benbekkula [sic] 1944'.

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RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book. A F K Jeziorski’s Flying Log book as pilot covering the period from 9 March 1943 to 15 March 1944. Detailing his flying training as a pilot. He was stationed at RAF Hucknall (25 [Polish] EFTS), RAF Newton (16 [Polish]…

Andrezj Jeziorski in the pilot's seat. Information supplied with the collection states 'At the controls of Rapide a/c, Duxford Museum 1983'

Andrezj Jeziorski's last flight. Information supplied with the collection states 'Britannia Airways:- My last flight on Boeing 737 before retirement (December 22nd 1982).'

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Andrezj Jeziorski at the controls of a Boeing. Information supplied with the collection states 'Britannia Airways (1973) at the controls of Boeing 707-320 Intercontinental'.
On the reverse is the Polish original translation.

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Andrezj and Wanda's wedding. Information supplied with the collection states 'Wedding-Brompton Oratory - bride Wanda Sokolowska - 8th January, 1955. London.'

Andrezj standing at the wing tip of a Dragon Rapide. On the reverse 'June 26th 1950. Squires Gate, Blackpool. Rapide with Pilot C. Jones'.

Five airmen standing beside their aircraft.
Information supplied with the collection states -
'RAF St. Eval, 304 squadron; my crew:-
From the left:
Air gunner/radio operator Sgt. Kucharek
First pilot - F/O - AFK JEZIORSKI
Navigator - F/O -…

An aerial photograph of Rockall taken during a training flight. Information supplied with the collection states 'Coastal Command; Nr. 6 OTU, RAF Silloth 1945. Training flight to Rockall'.

Andrezj Jeziorski holding a propeller. Information supplied with the collection states the aircraft is a Wellington at RAF Silloth, No 60 Training Unit, 1945.

A Nissen hut in the snow at Benbecula.

A half length portrait of Andrezj captioned 'Jeziorski Andrezj Jez Jeziorski 194[?]'.

The four men are standing at the front of a single engined aircraft. Information supplied with the collection states the location as RAF Manby, First Armament School, 1943.

A port side view of an Oxford in flight. Information supplied with the collection states it is from the Service Training School at RAF Newton, 1943.

The two men are in the turret of a Valentine tank.

Photo 1 is a squad of men being inspected by an officer, Crawford 1940.
Photo 2 is Churchill tanks at Duns, 1942.
Photo 3 is an inspection by General Wladyslaw Anders in 1942.
Photo 4 is a Valentine Mk III tank with Lt. Ludwik Makiello in the…

In the foreground is a tank and behind is a squad of men. The location is identified as Blairgowrie in information supplied with the collection.


Five photographs identified as being taken at the Officers' Training School, Crawford.
Photo 1 is of two squads of marching men with bell. To one side are bell tents and behind are low hills.
Photo 2 is taken from a hillside looking down on many…

Andrzej Jeziorski on a horse, named as Gezisza. Information supplied with the collection states 'Summer Vacation 1938'.


The garden of Andrzej Jeziorski's house.

A woman standing in a garden with her house behind.

Andrzej Jeziorski was born in Poland and, when war broke out, fled to Britain, where he flew as a pilot with 304 Squadron. Remembers the 1st of September 1939. Talks about his father, a Navy officer who served in the First World War. Mentions his…
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