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Flight Engineer magazine article describes role of flight engineer. Photograph of Kenneth Pope, in uniform with sergeants stripes and flight engineers brevet, crouching with dog outside a building.

Notification of awards to Kenneth Pope.

Letter confirming award of 1939-1945 Star, France and Germany Star and War Medal 1939-1945 to Kenneth Pope.

Kenneth Pope has been removed from the class G Reserve as he had joined the Territorial Army.

Sergeant Kenneth Pope's service and release book from 27 September 1943 to 16 April 1947. Statement reads 'A very capable and willing workers who carries out any job given in a very able manner. He has been very satisfactory at all times.'

Royal Air Force flying log book for Sergeant Kenneth Pope, flight engineer, covering the period 25 September 1944 to 17 May 1945, detailing training, and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Winthorpe, RAF Syerston, RAF Waddington. Aircraft…

Instructions and guidance for all rank in the event of capture by the enemy.

List of phrases translated into German, French, Dutch and Spanish to help with evasion.

At the top, Lancaster in flight with PO-Y marked in pen with waves breaking on a shoreline with a rocky headland at sunset. Below, hymn for the R.A.F. by Patience Strong.


An album page with missing photograph.

Royal Air Force warrant officers cloth badge, photograph of Lancaster PO-Y, newspaper clipping summarising why Bomber Command crews should be remembered.

467 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force Badge.

Small metal lapel badge of a kangaroo with the word Australia beneath it, a 467 Squadron badge, a flight engineers half brevet, a large printed label, '467 Squadron'.

Name tag 'POPE'., France and Germany Star and 1939-1945 Star medal ribbons, a Royal Air Force warrant officers cloth badge and sergeants stripes.

Two head and shoulder portraits of Kenneth Pope in uniform, cap has aircrew training flash. Third is an informal photograph of a lady sitting on a low wall.

Group portrait of 57 individuals in uniform, 55 aircrew trainees, 1 sergeant and an officer, in multiple rows in front of building. Together with RAF cap badge. Captioned 'E. training wing'.

Head and shoulders portrait of Kenneth Pope, in uniform with flight engineers brevet, together with coloured drawing of RAF badge superimposed on a three bladed propeller with a small ribbon bow in RAF colours.

Technical certificate authorising Flight Sergeant Kenneth Pope to refuel and carry out daily inspections on Lancasters, their airframes and their Merlin engines.

Air-to-air photograph of a Lancaster in flight showing crew positions, annotated with the names of Kenneth Pope's crew. Pilot Jim Cross, navigator Darce Edwards, flight engineer Ken Pope, radio operator Bill Maurer, mid-upper gunner Bill Perry, rear…

467 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force badge.

Aircrew selection board proforma completed giving details of Kenneth Pope's flying experience.

Lancaster over runway just after take off, airfield scene in background, another aircraft in circuit.

Seven airmen in uniform with Nissen hut in background captioned 'Winthorpe August 1944'.
Two airmen sun bathing with Nissen hut in background captioned 'Ken', 'Jim (Pilot)'.

Four photographs of Stirling GP-L that crashed at RAF Winthorpe due to a punctured tyre, Two showing port side, two showing starboard front quarter and detached wing. Aircraft appears complete except for the detached wing, sitting on grass with…

One photograph with four men, three aircrew in uniform, captioned 'Davey', 'Ken', 'Bill'. Second shows one sergeant aircrew in uniform, buildings in the background. Both are captioned 'Syerston'.
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