Bomber Command memorabilia



Bomber Command memorabilia


Royal Air Force warrant officers cloth badge, photograph of Lancaster PO-Y, newspaper clipping summarising why Bomber Command crews should be remembered.



A cloth badge, b/w photograph and newspaper cutting on an album page


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“Nearly fifty thousand British bomber crew personnel, out of a total of 110,000, were killed during the war. The fact that the combined losses of the British and Canadian armies from D-Day to the end of the war were less than 50,000, shows what these R.A.F. men have endured. The casualty rate which these men accepted cheerfully is greater than anything which I can find in history among a similar body of men over a similar period. Their sacrifice was not in vain. They reduced Germany to chaos and helped to end the war more quickly.” These words were spoken by Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris, late Chief of Bomber Command.


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