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Left page - top left - air-to-air view front port quarter of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Lancaster Mk1 KM-Z (LL854) Operation Frontline May 1946 44 (Rhodesia) SQ'.
Bottom left - similar air-to-air view front port quarter of a Lancaster with further…

Left page - top left - an large group of aircrew, two rows sitting and one standing, all wearing battledress with side or peaked caps on grass in front of a Nissen hut. Captioned '44 (Rhodesia) Squadron flight engineers RAF Spilsby, Lincolnshire, Nr…

Upper page - top left - half length image of a man wearing parachute harness and flying helmet in the cockpit of an aircraft.
Top right - three quarter length image of a man wearing parachute harness looking back from the cockpit of an aircraft.…

On the left page top - a photograph of five aircrew wearing tunics with brevet standing in line in a garden. Captioned '23 July 1945, John Parker, F/O White (bomb aimer), self, F/O K A Smith (Skipper), George Wellington'.
Bottom - half length…

On the left page a menu for the airmen's' mess at RAF Bridlington Christmas day 1943 meal. Annotated with some signatures, including BE Chadwick (LACW), M.E Kane (WAAF), M. Hughes (Cpl) and D. Darling.
On the right page a course photograph of a…

Head and shoulders side view of a sergeant wearing tunic with flight engineer brevet and side cap. In the background foliage and the roof of a house. Captioned 'Aug 44'.

Black album cover.

Silver medal with RAF wreaths and crown one side and four engine bomber on the other side with 1939-1945 and words 'A tribute to the aircrew of Bomber Command'. Ribbon light blue, dark blue outers with orange central stripe.

Five medals with ribbons: 1939-1945 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-1945, Royal Observer Corps Medal. Front and rear views.

Upper rear quarter air-to-air view of an Avro Lincoln registration 'RA638' above clouds. On the reverse 'Avro Lincoln'.


Air-to-air view of the top of a Lancaster registration 'RE172' flying over over the south Manchester areas of Withington, Fallowfield and Ladybarn. On the reverse 'Lancaster BIII, made A.V.Roe (Yeadon) Merlin 224 (March/June 45)'.

Air-to-air view of a Lancaster letter 'KB-B' with 'City of Lincoln' nose crest and operation bomb symbols flying left to right over College Hall at RAFC Cranwell.

Air-to-air view of Spitfire Mk 16 TE405 F-JVM of the Central Gunnery School banking away. In the background clouds.


Four aircrew, one wearing tunic with half brevet, three wearing battledress, one with pilot's brevet and the others half brevet. All wear side caps. In the background part of the front fuselage and two starboard engines of a Lancaster. The man at the…

Front quarter view of the starboard side of a white Lancaster with rear fuselage door open, parked.


A man in shirtsleeves and tie looking out of the starboard side cockpit window of a Lancaster.


Air-to-air view of a Lancaster at low level over the sea. Coastline in the distance. The Lancaster has the post-European war colour scheme designed for the Tiger Force.


Ait-to-air view of Spitfire Mk 16 TE405 F-JVM of the Central Gunnery School with clouds below. The wingtip of aircraft from which photograph is taken is visible bottom left.


Air-to-air view of Spitfire Mk 16 TE405 F-JVM of the Central Gunnery School over open countryside.


Type 464 (Provisioning) Lancaster parked on grass with elevated platforms on the left. On the reverse 'Dam Buster, RAF Mildenhall'.

A woman and girl standing in front of a brick build semi-detached two story house with low brick walls round gardens. On the reverse 'Stringhams Copse, Send March, Ripley, Surrey'.

Target photograph of Cologne Melatenfriedhof area. Falling bombs on the left side and a burst of anti aircraft fire on top right.

Identification kindly provided by Frank Doerschner of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook Group.

Night target photograph showing explosions and anti-aircraft fire.

Flight engineer's notes for Lancaster Avro Type 683 Mk 1 and 3.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Pilot's notes for Lancaster III four Merlin 28 Engines.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.
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