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Navigators, air bombers, air gunners and flight engineers flying log book for Basil Ambrose, flight engineer, covering the period from 5 July 1944 to 11 July 1946. Detailing engineers training, flying training and operations flown and post war…

Basil Ambrose was born in Reading. He left school at fourteen and became an apprentice turner. He joined the Royal Air Force in May 1942 and trained as a turner before transferring to aircrew as a flight engineer. He trained at RAF St Athan, and…

Three-quarter length portrait of Basil Ambrose standing on the right with his daughter Christine Parkes taken at his home. He is wearing blazer with 467 Squadron badge, and the 1939-45 Star, the 1939-45 France and Germany Star, the Defence Medal and…

Half-length portrait of Basil Ambrose wearing blazer with 467 Squadron Badge and a Panama hat. He is wearing a squadron tie and the 1939-45 Star, the France & Germany Star and the 1939-45 War Medal. In the background two obscured people a tree and…

Group of nine adults and one child at wedding of Basil Ambrose 12 June 1948. Five women and four men all dressed formally standing. Child wearing kilt is standing in front. Basil Ambrose is standing fifth from the left. In the background a brick wall…

Front section of a Lancaster with part of the front turret and the cockpit, a man in shirt sleeves is leaning out of the cockpit window. Underneath the cockpit, a 617 Squadron crest. In the foreground and background the inboard engines are…

22 personnel in uniform, in four rows. All are wearing tunics and side caps. Captioned with two ‘X’ indicating second from right in front row and right hand man on top or second from top row.

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In the foreground left a reviewing base with one officer standing saluting with one further standing to the rear. Left of the reviewing base are three offices standing in line. In the distance, behind the reviewing officers is a band. Marching on the…

Basil Ambrose seated at picnic table in civilian clothes in front of Lancaster Just Jane at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirby. Lancaster prominently displays female figure nose art and name Just Jane on the port nose. In the…

Basil Ambrose as a young child standing wearing shorts and formal jacket. In the background trees. On the reverse ‘Basil Ambrose age 1 yr 9 months’.

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Sergeant Basil Ambrose, Jonny Hodgeson and Bob Ward in battledress uniform with arms round each other. In the background grassland.

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Seven aircrew, two squatting and five standing all dressed in battledress. Two are wearing peaked caps and the rest side caps. Basil Ambrose is standing third from the left. In the background the nose and inboard engines of a Lancaster are visible.…

Seven aircrew, one sitting, two kneeling and three standing in front of rear door of Lancaster aircraft. Basil Ambrose is standing second from the right. All are dressed in flying suits and six have Mae Wests. Anti-aircraft fire damage is visible in…

Basil Ambrose in uniform tunic, his brother Gerald, and their parents all in formal dress all seated. Basil Ambrose is third from the left.

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Head and shoulders portrait of Sergeant Basil Ambrose in uniform with engineer’s brevet after graduation.

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Head and should portrait of Aircraftman Basil Ambrose in uniform tunic and wearing side cap.

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28 Home Guard personnel sitting front row and standing in two rows behind. Troops are all wearing battledress with side caps. In the background a brick building. Captioned ‘Lance Cpl, Lance Cpl, Cpl, Sgt, Major, Captain, Cpl, Cpl’. Basil…

Extract from the airman’s service book of Basil George Ambrose. Details include date of birth, date of attestation (6 April 1942) and next of kin.
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