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A document certifying Tadeusz's service in the Polish Air Force.

Long rambling letter where he describes his feelings and activities. Mentions his mental state and state of his country and its inhabitants. Mentions book he had read and how it affected him. Writes of comrades and previous lady friend. Continues…

Thanks him for letter and his news. Comments on stool he has found and then discusses travel arrangements for his next trip home. Catches up with family news with activities of her sister and their daughter. Continues with other domestic news and…

Air gunner's log book for Ernest Cutts, rear gunner, covering the period 23 November 1943 to 21 September 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations and post war flying. He was stationed at RAF West Sale, RAF Litchfield, RAF Marston Moor, RAF…

Navigators, air bombers, air gunners and flight engineers flying log book for Sergeant John Casey from 26 February 1944 to 8 October 1945. Detailing training schedule and operations flown. Served at 7 Air Gunnery School followed by training at 29…
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