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Photo 1 is five uniformed men at the tail of a Wellington, HE411, captioned 'First Operational Crew'. Photo 2 is Fred Say's wedding day. A group of eight captioned 'Jan 9th 1945 Joan Fred FDS Fred Gladys Aunt [indecipherable] Hancock Betty Sen'r…

Colonnello Mario Fontana reports to Major Gordon Lett through Mario Fortelli. Mentions Allied personnel being parachuted behind enemy lines and discusses air drop zones in the La Spezia area. Stresses that zones must be changed, since most items were…

Colonnello Mario Fontana discusses air drops and material sharing, stressing the need of a more rational organisation and a fairer allotment of the supplies.


Notifies Doris Weeks that Malcolm Payne's next of kin have nominated her to take possession of his bicycle. It might be some time before it arrives due to transport diffuculties.

Note to Doris Weeks enclosing thank you card for the expressions of sympathy and two newspaper cuttings detailing the death of Flight Sergeant Malcolm Payne

Technical certificate authorising Flight Sergeant Kenneth Pope to refuel and carry out daily inspections on Lancasters, their airframes and their Merlin engines.
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