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Wedding party in a garden including the bride and groom, three bridesmaids and two men in civilian suits.

When Italy entered the war in 1940, air raids were conducted over key military targets and peaked during the first half of 1942. Attacks ceased altogether by 1943 once Italy had surrendered. The various dockyards maintained efforts to keep ships in…


He has had no letters but a parcel with 200 cigarettes and tobacco have arrived. Weather is very good. They have a gramophone and he intends to buy one when he returns.

He reminds his mother about the £1 debt to be repaid. Weather has been glorious. They have had a boxing tournament. He is in good health and spirits.

He has received only one letter. He has borrowed money to buy extra food and asks his mother to send money to his benefactor's father. Weather has been miserable but it has improved in the last day. Two or three men have escaped.

He has had no mail. They are having 'bulk food' in lieu of parcels next week. Weather has been good. There has been football and cricket. A sentence has been censored.

He has had three letters, all from women. Weather is good and he has had Red Cross parcels. There has been a football competition.

Bernard Ross’ Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 05 of April 1943 to 22 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as Air Gunner. He was stationed at RAF Penrhos (9 OAFU), RAF Seighford (30 OTU), RAF…

A tall man dressed as a woman is being stared at by three men and a man dressed as a younger woman. One man is wearing a monocle. The tall woman is wearing outdoor clothes, a hat and is carrying a bag. The others are standing behind a table which has…

A man dressed as a woman in a dress is standing on a sofa. A man is at each end of the sofa. Behind is a chair, window, standard lamp, a painting and a fireplace.

One soldier is sitting on a single bed with another standing to his right. A man dressed as a woman in outdoor clothes is standing to the left with a second person in pyjamas on her left. There are chairs, a bedside lamp, drapes behind the bed and…

A poster for the play 'Home and Beauty', by Somerset Maugham. There is drawing of two men and inset the face of a woman. There is a cast list and a description of the three acts. The cast includes Howard Squire, Hugh Lawrie, Bob Shellard, Peter Fox,…

Course photograph of a large group of airmen wearing tunics and side caps sitting and standing in five rows. In the background trees and building. James Doughty is sitting front row 4th from the right. Additional information concerning this item was…

Part 1 - family background with information on relatives and family photographs.
Part 2 - war service of Flying Officer James Gordon Bennett Burnside flight engineer. Covers training as flight engineer. Then follows short descriptions. listing…

Book of instruction for air-to-air gunnery including chapters entitled: estimation of range, estimation of deflection, range and deflection and speed tests; all with pictorial examples and illustrations and other information and exercises.


Photograph of healthy German prisoners of war consuming a meal is used to counter assertion that they have been murdered and mistreated by the Allies. The claim is made in a ‘secret’ document, dated 19 April 1943, from army headquarters to the…

Transcription of a letter. Writes of events on night 3/4 September 1943. Mentioned 'Charlie had done four ops before they copped it on the fifth. First op was Peenemunde, gives description of target. Mentions targets of other operations and that…

Four officer pilots, upper torso, posed outside wooden building. From information kindly supplied by the donor. 'This picture taken about two days after we received our wings at No 11 S.F.T.S. at Yorktown, Sask. Left to right Anaka, Linklater,…

An airman standing outside the Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth. On the reverse 'Group Captain GF O'Brien AFC. Finest CO an officer could ever have.! April/May/43'.
A second identical copy has been damaged. On the front is annotated 'Group Captain GF…

11 airmen grouped around a statue of Mercury. On the front five of them have their names annotated. On the reverse 'New Zealand air crew officers Happy Days April/43'.


Five photographs of Ann Marie in WAAF uniform.
Photo 1 and 2 are the same head and shoulders images.
Photo 3 is a half length portrait of her in section officer uniform, leaning on a balcony overlooking the sea.
Photo 4 is her in WAAF blouse and…

A pilot resting one arm on a garden ornament. On the reverse 'John Patterson' and 'F/Lt Young April/43'.

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Top - seven aircrew, three squatting down in front and four standing behind, all wearing parachute harnesses, six with side caps and on with peaked cap, all standing behind a Lancaster. Submitted with description 'Duplicate of MAVCP:2019/M08/10.…

Top - seven aircrew, three sitting in front, four standing behind, all wearing battledress with brevet. Five wear side caps and two wear peaked caps. In the background a hut with windows left and right. Submitted with description 'Duplicate of…

Seven airmen all wearing battledress with peak or side caps, three sitting and four standing in front of a hut with windows. Submitted with description 'W/Cdr R E Baxter and crew. Left to right: standing - Sgt's Taylor, Coulton, Thursby and Berry.…
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