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A list of the 48th entry graduates including John 'jack' Crawford.

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Four photographs of Pompei Ruins.
Three photographs, one of Stormberg Junction blockhouse, one of Baakens street, Port Elizabeth, and one of Ken Loach, upper torso, trees in the background, Port Elizabeth.

Identification kindly provided by Moos…

Four photographs of Pompei Ruins.
Four photographs of Port Elizabeth December 1942-March 1943.

Four photographs of Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompei, August 1945.
Four photographs of Port Elizabeth area November 1942 - March 1943.

Four photographs of Naples area, August 1945.
Three photographs of a night time electrical storm, Port Elizabeth November 1942 March 1943.

Four photographs of Naples, taken from a balcony of what now is Villa Giullia (Via Armando Diaz 158) looking down the street in the direction of Mount Vesuvius.

Four photographs of Port Elizabeth, two of his billet.

Identification kindly…

LH page, No 103 Squadron Honours and Awards Board .
RH page, four photographs from No 42 ANS, Nov 1942 - March 1943.

LH page target photograph, rural area, some explosions visible, captioned '4B. 3637? EWS 6/7.6.44 ? 5000 ? 130 degrees. ? Vire(Eastern? 18x500. Disco. F/O Josey. 103' Handwritten caption '"Bombs Gone" photograph - taken on D night by means of a…

LH page has a Lancaster airborne over the end of a runway captioned 'The Lancaster Mike Squared gets airborne again'.
RH page more tourist photographs of Cape Town page captioned 'Cape Town March 43'

The photograph shows Group Captain Sheen painting the DSO after the aircraft completed 125 operations. Captioned 'Old Mike Squared - believed to have done more ops than any other aircraft in Bomber Command with 139 operational flights to its credit. …

A telegram sent at Easter stating he is keeping well and hopes his family are doing the same.

No mail received this week, but a fairly good supply of Red Cross parcels. He asks her to write to Bill's mother to let her know he is OK. One sentence has been censored. He is good health and spirits.

No letters but he received a parcel with clothes. Soap was missing but they liked the chocolate. He received 200 cigarettes from Flo Sharpe. His friend Bill has not been getting many letters and asks his mum to contact Bill's mother. He has been to a…

He has received only one letter with a POW Relatives Association photograph. He has shared that with his fellow prisoners of war so that they can pass it on to their families.

He has received four letters. He complains he has had no parcels. His gums are hardening and he is in good spirits.

He has received all her mail that went to Canada. His training has been getting him fit.

Top - view of swimming pool with bathers in water. Pool surrounded by buildings. Captioned 'Hot springs baths, Banff, Alta'.
Left - two airmen wearing flying jackets standing in woods. Captioned 'Doug and Dickie, Woolfox Lodge 43'.
Right - and…

Top - air-to-air photograph of a Lancaster letter 'KO-J' DS626 over open countryside. The pilot was Sergeant G P Finnerty. Captioned 'Our aircraft homeward bound, after a night out. (of a different kind) 115 Squadron, March 1943'.
Bottom right -…

Joined in 1942 and then details training and tour on 115 Squadron, gunnery course, tours as gunnery instructor. Further tour with 625 Squadron, crashed twice before another instructors tour. Mentions 14 ops on first tour and 20 on second. Comments on…

Joined 18 June 1941. Trained as navigator in Canada. After operational and conversions training in England during which he flew two operations. He was posted to 9 Squadron at RAF Bardney where he flew 25 operations which are listed. After a tour as a…

A large group of airmen wearing battledress and helmets. One row sitting on the ground with rifles with a dog in the centre, another row sitting and two more standing, some with shouldered rifles. In the background a wooden hut. On the reverse…

Five airmen wearing battledress or tunics with brevet and side caps standing arm in arm in a line in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Gerard "Jerry" Bomb Aimer, Ron "Jonnie" W.O.P., Arthur pilot, Self, Dennis flight engineer', March 1943 Winthorpe'.

A tank named 'BRADFORD' blocking the village road watched by a soldier and two local men. Behind is a second tank and the village church. On the reverse is 'Canadian Churchill tanks passing through Grendon Underwood March 1943 Operation Spartan…

Page captioned No 31 Bombing and Gunnery School RAF Picton, Ontario Canada, Course 75, March 1943. Formal course photograph, three groups posed in four rows in front of hangar wall. Captioned Squad II, Squad I & Squad III'.
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