Lancaster KO-J and operation against Skoda Works



Lancaster KO-J and operation against Skoda Works


Top - air-to-air photograph of a Lancaster letter 'KO-J' DS626 over open countryside. The pilot was Sergeant G P Finnerty. Captioned 'Our aircraft homeward bound, after a night out. (of a different kind) 115 Squadron, March 1943'.
Bottom right - newspaper cutting - account of an undated operation against Skoda Works.

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One b/w photograph and one newspaper cutting mounted on an album page


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Our aircraft homeward bound, after a night out. (of a different kind)

March 1943

[missing words] nacelle.”

“J for Johnnie’s” captain, [missing words] spent about ten minutes over [missing word] target, reported a deep ora[missing letters] glow and dense black smoke.

“We went down twice [missing word] identify the Skoda works, a [missing words] bombed on the second run [missing words] Our bomb flashes illuminate [missing word] factory chimneys, railway sidings and built-up areas. Buildings showed up black and streets white.

“There was a good concentration of fires over the target when we first went in. I did an orbit round the town while the bomb-aimer picked out the works.

“Then we went in and pranged it. There was the usual cheery red blaze as our 4,000-pounder went down. It was followed by a couple of 1,000-pounders.

“We saw all our bombs burst, and I have no doubt we hit our aiming point in the centre of a group of sheds.”

It was the skipper’s 21st trip. He has had his present crew since September. The worst moment he said was during the first run up to the target.

“I could see far too many open [missing words]


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