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Pilots flying log book for Stephen Dawson, covering the period from 11 June 1939 to 30 March 1942. Detailing his flying training, operations and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Southampton, RAF Hastings, RAF Hatfield, RAF Little…

Pilot’s flying log book for Flight Sergeant Ernest Smith from 11 February 1939 to 31 March 1943, detailing his pilot training and 20 operations with 144 Squadron on the following targets in Belgium, France and Germany: Aachen, Antwerp, Brest,…

Writes about mail received and that airmail was best method. Continues with commiseration about situation with his dad, Hopes she will get allotment from his pay which he has tried to increase three times. He suggest she contact the air ministry to…

Two photographs of Jill Carter.
Photo 1 is a young girl standing in a garden. Additional information supplied with the collection states 'aged 1 year 9 months, taken 2-8-38'.
Photo 2 is a young girl in a photographer's studio 'aged 3 years 5…

Jill is sitting on a stool with pencil and paper. On the cardboard mount is handwritten 'Taken 21-3-1941' and 'Jill 3yrs 5 months'.

I J Howell’s wireless operator/ air gunner’s flying log book covering the period from 6 September 1939 to 10 April 1941. Detailing his operations flown as wireless operator/air gunner. He was stationed at RAF Finningley (76 Squadron and 7…

Flying log book for J E Hanson, wireless operator/air gunner, covering the period from 3 January 1939 to 1 October 1942. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Finnningley, RAF Upper Heyford, RAF Lindholme, RAF…
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