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#1 A scene from the play with Cleopatra, Ladies in Waiting and Heralds. On the reverse 'Cleopatra - Slaves - Ladies in Waiting & Heralds. Boat night 1934'.
#2 Cleopatra and her entourage are seated with "Nero" and his guard. On the reverse 'Roman…

A group photo of the two football teams in fancy dress. On the reverse 'Officers v Sergeants Mess Football Match Aden 1934'.

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Two men running an Aunt Sally stall. One is dressed as a woman. On the reverse 'Stall at the Khormaksar Fair. No 8 (B) Sqd 1934'.

A park built for the 8 Squadron Fair.
On the reverse ' "Swings" "Dizzy or revolving House" & Helter Skelter. 8 Sqd: Fair 1934'.

A row of six men. The airmen are all smoking and are in khaki, shorts and pith helmets. On the reverse 'Taken at As-Sauda (1934)'. E R Abbott is second from the left.


A military parade featuring camels in front of military buildings. On the reverse 'Camel Corps (Aden Levee's) King's Birthday (1934)'.

Three women hiding their faces, seated in front of a thatched hut. On the reverse 'British Somailand - Native Women (1934)'.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 an armoured car
#2 10 airmen captioned 'The Lads' Aden 1934'.
#3 a formation of three Fairey IIIFs from 8 (B) Squadron.
#4 a March past of 8 (B) Squadron on the King's Birthday.

Five men sailing a dinghy off the coast of Aden. On the reverse ' "The Endeavour" Aden 34'

An RAF biplane surrounded by bushes. Several tribesmen are looking on. It is annotated 'Seina 1934'.


Ronnie Abbott’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book between 1 May 1934 until 29 September 1937. Initially as an air gunner with 8 (B) Squadron in the Middle East before transferring back to England in 1937. Underwent pilot training with 50 (B)…

An autobiography of Jim Taylor's time in the RAF before the war. He spent time training with Oliver Bell, who is recorded in the memoir.

A Vickers Victoria used for teaching and training at Cranwell.

Four photographs on a page.
#1 is Arnold's wife, Catherine, taken in 1928.
#2 is a woman, Molly, with four children - Buster, Nancy, Cathie and Neil.
#3 is two men (Allan and Tom) with four children - Buster, Neil, Nancy and Cathie.
#2 and 3 were…

Vincent sitting on a car step with his grandson on his knee. It is captioned 'Vincent Francis Christian (known as Pom, Pom) With Brian Arnold Christian (grandson) 1934'.

Three photographs of Arnold and family.
#1 is Norman and Arnold captioned 'Norman Vincent Christian (On left) Circa 1913/14 Arnold Louis Christian'.
#2 is a group of four sitting on the hillside, captioned ' Vera Frances Arnold Louis Vincent…

Gives birth and death dates and service history in Polish and Royal Air Force.

Twelve boys in football kit sitting and standing in two rows with wooden building in background. Captioned 'Mervyn Adder (front row. extreme right) in a Hull Grammar School football team c1934. The boy on the front row, second left is Bob Baxter a…


Reports from Kingston upon Hull Grammar School from autumn term 1934 to spring term 1939.

The magazine includes an article by Bill Lord, titled "The Kingsway of the Future".

Top left - three airmen wearing battledress and side caps standing in line with trees in the background. Submitted with description 'Three airmen in uniform, standing in front of hedge. Left to right: P/O Roberts - rear gunner, F/O Bob Wake - bomb…

The story of Roy Chadwick, Chief Designer of A.V. Roe & Co Ltd from 1919 to 1947, The aircraft he designed, and the lasting contribution he made to Britain's aviation industry. Covers chapter 1 - 15. Starts with early years and then a has a chapter…

Full face portrait of a young man wearing open collar shirt. On the reverse '1934, Thomas Jones, 100 Mapleton Road, Hall Green, Birmingham'.

Pilots flying log book for P I Harris, covering the period from 12 January 1932 to 29 September 1937. Detailing his flying training and pre war flying duties with 35, 6 and 47 squadrons. He was stationed at RAF Digby, RAF Bircham Newton, RAF Ramleh,…

Photo 1 is inside Thorpe Acre Church.
Photo 2 is F G Bower as a choir boy standing outside the church.
Photo 3 is F G Bower and another choir boy standing outside the church.
Photo 4 is a head and shoulders portrait of a woman.
Photo 5 is inside…
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