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Pilots flying log book one, for W I Warmington, covering the period from 16 April 1942 to 24 October 1943. Detailing his flying training. He was stationed at RAF Clyffe Pypard, USNAS Grosse Ile, USNAS Saufley Field, USNAS Chevalier Field, USNAS…

Red pennant with RAF badge and Charlottetown.

Top left - snow bank in forest. Top right - a stream through woods. Centre middle - forest with bare trees, snow covered ground. Bottom left - stream through snow covered forest. Bottom right - view across open snow covered ground to a forest. On the…

Top left - a line of canons in a row on snow covered ground with a town in the background. Top right - a large two story mansion in snow covered ground with a flagpole in front. Trees on the left and centre foreground. Centre middle - A church with…

Top left - horse drawn sleigh coming towards camera on snow track with trees on the left. Top right - man leading a horse with box sleigh along track with trees in the background. Centre middle - a bank with waterfall leading to lake in snow covered…

Top left - view across open countryside. Top right - view across snow covered open countryside with a man taking a photograph of a group of people on the left in distance, Centre middle - man wearing winter clothes standing in snow. Bottom left - an…

Royal Canadian Air Force flying log book for aircrew other than pilot for R M Maywood, Navigator, covering the period from 31 December 1943 to 25 September 1946. Detailing his flying training, Operations flown and post war flying. He was stationed at…

C. L. Hughes’ Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book, from 8th January 1942 to 8th July 1945, detailing his training, operations and instructional duties as a Navigator. He was stationed at RCAF Charlottetown (32 Air Navigation School),…

Seven airmen arranged in a row. Their names are listed in a caption above.

Letter from Terry Ford to his family. He writes about his flying, his friends, social activities and the weather.

Letter from Terry to his family. He writes that he has had his Wings Parade and is now in Prince Edward Island for his next course, which will be for nine weeks.

Letter from Terry to his family. He writes that his course has completed and he will be coming home soon. He mentions where some of his colleagues are being posted to. He also writes that he would have liked to stay in Canada a bit longer as the pay…

Letter from Terry Ford to his family. He writes about family, friends and colleagues, about his social activities and his exams.

Letter from Terry Ford to his family. He writes about family and friends, his social activities, and that his course is now coming to an end and is looking forward to finding out where he goes next.

Letter from Terry Ford to his family. He writes about his weekend off and his activities, about the weather and about his course which is going well.

Letter from Terry Ford to his parents. He writes thanking them for all the correspondence he has received. He writes about family, friends, about his social activities and his course which he is finding quite complicated.

Letter from Terry Ford to his parents. He writes that he has been invited to go to New York with his uncle; that he had a day off; about the weather; going to the cinema and that the course is quite interesting. He also asks how all his family are.

The telegram advises Terry Ford's father than he has received his wings and commission.

Flying Officer T.A. Ford’s RCAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book, from 11th July 1942 to 27th August 1950, detailing his training in Great Britain and Canada and operations as a pilot and flying instructor. Also includes post-war duties with Transport…

Peter writes to Terry about receiving his wings and a commission.

Terry Ford writes to his family about enjoying the course now that the weather has improved. By the end of the course he will be a qualified navigator and a pilot. He has received a letter from Uncle Claude inviting him to go to New York with him.

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