Letter to Terry Ford from Peter Lamb



Letter to Terry Ford from Peter Lamb


Peter writes to Terry about receiving his wings and a commission.




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P/O. P.P. Lamb
Co 91. 31.G.R.S.


Dear Terry,

Thanks for your letter which I got just before leaving Carberry , glad the photo came off OK!
As you see we got our Wings – amongst louds of bull, and also a commission which is really bloody funny! You will get one too Terry, I predict. Mac has not replied to my letter so I don’t know what he is doing. I hope you manage to get on this G.R. business it should be quite a good course.

I am staying in Winnipeg at the moment with some friends, getting a uniform and one thing and another. [indecipherable word] as pissed as a newt the other night in the Cave rather disgusting don’t you think!

I can’t understand how you manage to have so few work-outs, we had 14, course 76 so far mark you have had 25, and they have another two months to

[page break]

go! What a life.

You will get through alright – I can afford to be [deleted one word] patronising!

Well I have now 215 hrs [sic] in all told which doesn’t seem much bit it’s a hell of a lot more than a year ago.

I am sorry that I couldna’[sic] get down to Weyburn I would have liked to very much but they seemed to take a very dim view of it all. My God it does feel queer to be saluted as revered very sproggish people have done – would you ever have saluted a white arm-band man! I wouldn’t!

This is a very poor letter I’ll write again from Toronto – Gov’t [sic] has given us first class tickets and sleepers!

Cheeho [sic] Terry

See you in about a month



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