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Page is titled 'Operational details of raids carried out over Germany, Holland and France, details of our flight log book of bombing raids.' It is in the form of a table recording Date, Target, Country, Duration and Comments. The summary at the end…

A mix of air and ground crew standing in front of a Lancaster. Additionally each man is named.

Four postcards of German Army activity. #1 is four infantry in a shallow trench using optical rangefinders and binoculars. #2 is a tracked vehicle pulling a field gun. #3 is of the Erfurt Artillery Barracks.#4 is of German parachutists being dropped…


Bill Siddle's time in the RAF pieced together by research. He was a pilot who flew the Lancaster with 9 and 83 Squadrons. He was commissioned in 1944, was awarded the DFC and Bar and completed more than 60 operations. He left the service in 1946 and…

A list of aircrewmen who went missing or died on the 8th July 1942. The list includes Kenneth James Broderick. The document also shows where each aircrewman is commemorated.

A Soviet Union Displaced Persons camp entrance. An entrance sign can be seen.

He has received two letters from his aunt and uncle. It is signed Nephew John.

The card is signed Ron, John, Edwards. They ask if they have received his letter.

The card says they have nothing new to write about but he asks for his concertina and clarinet. It is signed by nephew Ron and John.

A small scale map of Germany issued to airmen to assist in evasion and escape.

A headstone for Robert George Sharland. The headstone includes his rank, awards, role, date of death and age. Also inscribed is "FROM THOSE WHO KNEW AND LOVED BOB. MEMORIES OF HIM ARE EVER NEAR AT REST".

A metal cross nailed to a tree in memoriam to the crew of Lancaster ND409. The cross includes the date 28/4/1944, 156 Squadron, and the initials of the crew including Robert George Sharland. It is on private land near Tuttlingen, Bavaria, Germany.

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Rositz. No detail is visible on the ground.
It is captioned '4438 Skell. 14/15.2.45//NT/ (C). 8" 8500' 354° 2108 Rositz. T. 1HC4000IN.4MC500DT.4ANM64DT.6MC500LD. 21 secs. F/L.…

A vertical aerial photograph of an operation at Harburg. Very little detail is visible on the ground but there are several light flashes.
It is captioned '3528 Skell. 11/12.11.44//NT.8" 18250' 130° 1918 Harburg. T. 1HC4000IN.14CP14. 29 sec. F/L…

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Bremerhaven. Indistinct ground images can be seen. It is captioned '2940 Skell. 18/19.9.44//NT. 8" 15500 <-- 168° 2102 Bremerhaven RD.H.1x2000.12 "J" x30.25 secs. F/O Drinkell. H.50'. On…

A wooden sign at the edge of a field in front of a hedge, where 7 airmen crashed on the 27th September 1943 were buried. The sign reads "Hier ruhen 7 unbekannte englische Flieger, abgestürzt am 27.9.1943 in Grandorf".

A vertical aerial photograph of Heilbronn taken during an operation. A canal is visible in the centre running op to bottom but most of the image is obscured by light flashes.
It is captioned '3725 Skell. 4/5.12.44//NT. 8". 13800' 146° 1935…

A vertical aerial photograph of an operation at Ladbergen. Most of the image is obscured by light but the canal is visible.
It is captioned '3506 Skell. 4/5.11.44//NT 8" 11500' 066° 1930 Ladnergen [sic] T. 14 ANM 65DN. 22 secs F/O Drinkell. T. 50'.

An envelope, postcard and image showing Alfred's grave.
The image shows a white cross, inscribed with Alfred's name, service number and when he died.
The reverse reads "RHEINBERG" "K 52/ A 1828" "1X-L-17" and "P 409187"

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Wurzburg. No detail visible on the ground.
It is captioned '4724 Skell. 16/17.3.45//NT/(C). 8". 10000 004° 2138 Wurzburg. T. 1HC4000IN.18x4. 19 secs F/L Drinkell.T.50'.
On the reverse 'F/Lt…

Two sequential vertical aerial photographs of Ladbergen. Both show snow covered fields and the Dortmund-Ems canal. A bomb is visible in the second image.

The first is captioned '4092 Skell.1.1.45//8" 12000 050° 1119 Ladbergen. T. 14MC 1000.LD.…

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Dusseldorf. No ground detail is visible.
It is captioned '3485 Skell 2/3.11.44//NT/(C) 8" 18000' 127° 1927 Dusseldorf. T. 14MC1000DN.30 secs. F/O Drinkell. T. 50.'
On the reverse is…

A list of aircraft and crew for an operation to Wurzburg.
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