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24 pages of an address book.

Letter and explanatory note. Writes of plan to go to cinema later that evening and then go night flying. Mentions exploring the local glorious countryside including visit to Coniston. Describes a football match he took part in and low level flying in…

Born 14 October 1921. Registered 14 November 1921 in Appleby Westmorland

Hopes they are well and comments it was very cold where he was. Mentions receiving mail. Catches up with news and mentions leave and that it was very quiet.

Thanks her for letter and comments on news and asks her to trace a friend. Continues with gossip and says he wished he could get some leave but it would be a while. Continues with account of sleeping during a lecture and missing tea. Continues with…

Writes that the place he was at was dead and isolated. Describes some activities over Christmas and during leave at new year. Catches up with news from home including noting a friend had been lost.

Writes that he was enjoying himself and had had a good voyage over with only a little bad weather. Continues with some banter and description of autumn in Canada as well as comment on local laws on smoking and drinking. Concludes with description of…

Made out for T E Wadeson on 15 August 1941. Gives some personal questionnaire.

Writes that he had been away for a week on a gunner course and managed to scrape through as grade 1 and that he was now a real gunner. Writes about his New Zealand crew of skipper, bomb aimer and wireless operator as well as British navigator and…

Thanks her for the great time he had when he was last home. Writes a little of his activities. Says he was enclosing some Canadian stamps, one of which was fairly scarce as well as a photograph of an Abbey. Closes saying he has little news.

Letter of sympathy to Mr J R Wadeson informing him that his son had not returned from his fourth operation while attacking a target in Germany.

Two verse poem about the countryside in Westmorland and walking.

Air-to-air view of rear quarter view of a four engine bomber with squadron letters 'AJ-P' and registration NX673' airborne at low level with fields below. The aircraft carries a mocked up bouncing bomb for the filming of 'The Dam Busters'.
On the…

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Addresses to them as children which they would always be to them. Says thinking of them on the first day of their holiday. Mentions weather and journey and writes of other activities. Letter day after Douglas's marriage to Alice on 24 March 1945.…

The news-sheet covers the return of prisoners of war and issues that they will face, POW letters from the Far East, Prisoners and Parliament, Camp visits by the YMCA, Prison Camps as schools of Citizenships, Next-of-kin Parcels, International Red…

Dave confesses that he was waiting for Betty's letters and he was missing her. He talks about weather, flight hours, colleagues and free time.

Lake District scenes. The first is of a stone bridge over a river. Captioned 'Bridge across the R. Duddon'. The second is a street view with no cars or pedestrians. Captioned 'Hawkeshead'. The third is a ferry steaming across a lake. Captioned…

Lake District scenes. The first photograph is of two houses set in front of a small mountain. Captioned 'Coniston', The second is a river bordered by trees. In the distance are hills. Captioned 'River Duddon'. The third is a view of distant hills and…
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