Letter from OC 75(NZ) Squadron to Mr J R Wadeson



Letter from OC 75(NZ) Squadron to Mr J R Wadeson


Letter of sympathy to Mr J R Wadeson informing him that his son had not returned from his fourth operation while attacking a target in Germany.




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One page typewritten letter and envelope


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NO. 75 (NZ) Squadron,
R.A.F. Station,
Near Ely, Cambs.,
August 3rd. 1943.
Ref:- 75NZ/1086/CAS.
Dear Mr. Wadeson,
I deeply regret the circumstances which necessitate a letter of this sad description. During your son’s stay with my Squadron, which proved all too short, he had quickly and happily settled down and had made a host of friends, for he was at all times cheerful, willing and quietly confident. He was a good man at his job too, and great things were expected of him. His loss, a temporary one I pray, is a heavy blow to the Squadron, to the Service and to the great cause for which he so nobly fought.
This was his fourth operational flight and the crew of which he was a member were detailed to attack a strongly defended target over German territory, but after the aircraft left base no further message was received from it. Thus, we have no clue as to the cause of their non-return. Knowing however, their skill and efficiency and that their Captain was a prudent and determined pilot who did not take unnecessary risks, I feel we may yet learn that they are all safe and well, although in enemy hands. You may rest assured that any news we receive will be forwarded to you immediately.
In the meantime, all your son’s personal effects have been carefully listed, packed and despatched to the Central Committee of Adjustment, Colnbrook, Slough. They will be forwarded to you from there after certain formalities have been completed.
The Officers, N.C.O.’s and men of my Squadron join with me in expression of deepest sympathy to you during this time of sorrow and anxious waiting. We pray with you for his safety and well being.
Yours sincerely,
For Wing Commander, Commanding,
[underlined] NO. 75 (NZ) Squadron, R.A.F. [/underlined]
Mr. J.R. Wadeson,
[underlined] Westmorland. [/underlined]
[page break]
M. C.
Mr & Mrs J.T. Barberer


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