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Describes signal office organisation, equipment, W/T failure procedure, duties for signal warrant officer, signal office superintendent, signal office traffic clerks and operators. Continues with abbreviations allowed, responsibilities regarding the…

Chapter 8 - Overture and Beginners. Gives account of time on OTU at RAF Lossiemouth. Includes ground instruction, crewing up and description of station and training on Wellington. Writes about a fatal crash he sees and about some of his sorties.…

Part 1 - family background with information on relatives and family photographs.
Part 2 - war service of Flying Officer James Gordon Bennett Burnside flight engineer. Covers training as flight engineer. Then follows short descriptions. listing…

Contains photographs of prisoners of war, notes, four pages of addresses, the contents of a parcels, postcards with cartoons of camp life and images of Father Christmas, as well as Jozef Nogal's bank balance.

Index indicates that contents include; format for sighting reports and attack reports, priorities, alphabet, organisations, D/F facilities, Liaison Tx/Rx, Command Tx/Rx, radio compass, inter-com, I.F.F., trailing aerial, fuses, Q code, sighting and…


The story of an attack by Pathfinders of 35,105,109 and 582 Squadrons 23 December 1944. Tribute to Robert pPalmer and thirty comrades who died with him. Contains history of Battle of the Bulge. Description of Oboe system. List of aircraft and crews…

An autobiography of Jim Taylor's time in the RAF before the war. He spent time training with Oliver Bell, who is recorded in the memoir.

Notes kept by JA Dellow's during his formal training as a navigator.

Notes kept by JA Dellow during his training.

Notes kept by JA Dellow during his training. It contains hand-drawn aircraft recognition pictures.

Notes kept by Jack during his training.

Notes kept by Jack during his training.

Notes kept by Jack during his training.

Notes kept by Jack during his training.

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The message advises that her son is missing.

Acknowledges preliminary application for licence and invites him for written examination.

Acknowledges preliminary application for licence extension to cover DH 82 [Tiger Moth] and invites him for written examination.


Concerns application for extension of licence.

In connection with written examination for category "C" ask for confirmation of attendance for oral examination.

Acknowledges preliminary application for category "C" extension to cover DH Gipsy Queen 70 engines and invites him to attend written examination.

Acknowledges receipt of application for extension to aircraft engineer's licence in category "C". States that he would not be subjected to normal examination procedure. Asks him to return enclosed form.

Jack describes his journey back.

He writes about her cycling.

He writes he has moved 2700 miles by train. They stopped at Montreal for 10 hours. Food and accommodation was very good. They were met at Winnipeg by a reception committee. His journey finished at Lethbridge.

First is of a crew, posed in two rows on grass in front of a wall. Given names and crew position recorded.
Second and third are the crew posed in front of Halifax 'Jane' on dispersal, servicing equipment in the background.
Fourth is of a Halifax…
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