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Writes about a bombing operation on new year. Mentions speaking to a railway signalman whose daughter possibly taught his younger brother. Writes of other family acquaintances. Continues with other family news and gossip. Catches up with other news…

Comments that Christmas was over and weather had precluded operations. Writes about Christmas meal and other activities. Mentions boxing day activities. Continues with comment planned dining in night to say farewell to Wing Commander Tait. Catches up…

First page only. Mention recent operation to e-boat pens which was reported in newspapers. Mentions a friend's accident.

Complains about lack of action at his new station. Catches up with family news and mentions sending photographs of crew on return from Tirpitz operation to his wife. Writes about son Derek. Mentions getting second class navigator certificate.

Writes that he had now recovered from illness and had recently done a seven mile route march. Catches up with news of friends and family and researching Navy matters. Continues with family gossip which reminded him of books he had read and comments…

Writes after recently arriving at new station. Comments on weather. Writes about his crew, pilot from New Zealand, engineer and wireless operator from London, bomb aimer from Derby and gunners from Hull and Preston. Comments that none of his old crew…

Writes about trying to book somewhere in Scarborough for his next leave and outlines his plans for it. Mentions some places in France that his father used to talk about which were now in the news again. Catches up with family news.

Writes of possibility of returning to his old squadron. Catches up with news of friends and family. Comments on recent snow and the work it caused them. Mentions coupons he sent to his father. Writes about calculating his total mileage by land and…

Writes of poor weather but getting a little flying done. Writes that he had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and tells of subsequent activity in the mess. Notes that there was nothing yet for rest of crew and that his flying officer status…

Catches up with news of family and friends. Mentions recent Christmas and speculates a little on war progress. Writes a little about astronomy to his father and stellar movement. Mentions he would be home later in the month. Comments on weather and…

Writes that he has tonsillitis but is getting treatment. Mentions war situation in Egypt and that he might be sent there for operations. Comments on training they were getting with lectures and shooting with various weapons. Catches up with…


Reports that he arrived back safely and that he had had a good leave. Catches up with family news and gossip.

Reports he arrived back safely. Comments that he was now one trip behind his crew. Catches up with family gossip.

Catches up with friends/family news. Mentions he would be home in March. Compares British and Italian work rates on snow clearing. Continues with family gossip,

Writes about poor weather and having to do snow clearing. Had not done any more operations and comments on Russian's war progress. Catches up with family news.

Writes that he was unlikely to get leave over Christmas and mentions other activities. Comments on poor weather and mentions an operation to the Baltic which was his 6th trip. Hoping for leave in January. Catches up with family news.

Thanks her for recent letter. Writes that he was now doing daylight operations during which he felt safe as they were well protected. Catches up with family news and gossip. Hopes he might manage to get home. Mentions he was out celebrating but did…

Still waiting to find out if he would get any leave. Catches up with family/friends news. Writes of not feeling well and speculates on causes. Continues to catch up with home news and gossip.

Writing while suffering from attack of dysentery. Tries to remember a joke about a chemist. Catches up with family news and gossip.

Catches up with gossip and family news. Writes of visiting friends at Bardney and hoped for more opportunities in future.

Writes that he had arrived safely at his new station and describes accommodation, food and daily transport. Speculates that he would be seeing a lot of Germany.

Writes about poor weather and that he thought summer was over. Comments on plans for upcoming leave with wife Vera and son Derek. Sets maths puzzle with diagram for his father that he has been trying to solve.

Writes of journey back to camp. Mentions it was good that they were back in France and that they had not been called upon for action. Writes of radio being on constantly for communiques and hopes that this was the beginning of the end of the war.…

Writes of recent visit from his brother. Mentions a little of recent flying. Catches up with news of correspondence. Hopes to get a posting to Scampton as he is tired of Syerston. Moans about pilots air force and mentions no more duties detailed.

Photograph of a two storey building with 'Lighthouse Cafe' on the roof. Captioned 'The Lighthouse Cafe, Cranfield, Kilkeel Co Down (Telephone, Kilkeel 70)'.
On the reverse note saying he had just had tea in that cafe, staying a day or two and would…
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