Letter from Kenneth Gill to his parents



Letter from Kenneth Gill to his parents


Writes of possibility of returning to his old squadron. Catches up with news of friends and family. Comments on recent snow and the work it caused them. Mentions coupons he sent to his father. Writes about calculating his total mileage by land and sea. and relates some of his journeys and guesses he had covered about 14,200. He had also done 75,000 miles by air.




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Six page handwritten letter


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Mr. & Mrs. F. Gill,
55, Kyffin Avenue,

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MAR. 5TH./44.

Dear all,

Thanks for your letter of the 1st, sorry I've not written lately I'll not make excuses I've so many letters to answer it puts me off every time I try to start.

The old squadron isn't the same now, but I'm not thinking of going back there for a long time yet, if I do go back at all, don't worry about that. I'll go when they send me but no sooner.

Glad to hear of Jack's baby, he'd be proud alright if he knew, has she had any definite news yet of him?

Where did mum go for your pants dad? not Austin Reids did she? my shirts were less than 25/- when I got them there. Still their stuff is good wearing so maybe it's

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worth the extra.

Glad you've heard from Ron, but sorry he's got Rheumatics in his shoulder; I keep having a twinge in mine now and then but mine's not Rheumatics.

Hope Les does get home, I'm trying to get next weekend off but I don't know if I'll be able to for sure yet.

Sorry you got the taxi bill instead of Vera, I told them to send it to Sycamore Ave. but they must have got mixed up with the addresses. I don't quite get the bit about Auntie Reno knowing it was coming and you didn't, who told her anyway; and it's quite usual for people to send bills or they wouldn't get paid.

Glad Ron's cable got here more or less on time, he's getting good at timing them isn't he?

Hope the snow's gone now; I used to

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enjoy it when I was at school but I don't now, it causes too much work. We got nearly a foot of it and we've not finished clearing it yet; I discovered a complete set of new muscles when I'd shovelled for a couple of hours, but I've worked them in now, tomorrow should see that last of shovels and picks I hope, although the airfield is still white over except for the runways.

Remember me to Pip when you write dad and thank her for her best wishes, I'll drop her a line when I can, and Mrs. Fillingham too.

The coupons are alright dad, glad you could use them; would you send the book back they have a bad habit of checking up every now and then and if we havn't the books we're for it, they're getting pretty keen now on coupons.

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You wouldn't think Uncle John was 43 he doesn't look or act it usually does he?

It sure is funny how news gets around, I'll bet you were suprised [sic] on the phone when he said that.

I'll work out my flying miles tomorrow, my log-book is up in the office right now. I think Ron has more miles by land and sea than I have by quite a good margin. I did a 3,000 mile trip to Halifax then over 2,000 to Georgia by rail, did at least a 1000 miles by car in Florida. after 500 miles by train to get there, then 1500 miles to Trenton, over 1000 miles by train in trips to Toronto and 200 by car to Niagara and back, then 1200 miles to Chatham, from there 300 miles to Halifax and 2,500 miles back to Liverpool by boat, in trips up and down England from Bournemouth to Leeds to Bournemouth to Luffenham to Swinderby.

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to Bardney and now Syerston puts another 1000 miles by rail making 14,200 miles by my reckoning which isn't bad considering the cost of travel these days. At a guess I'd say I'd done around 75,000 miles by air, three times round the world very near.

Well time draws on, it's my bed-time so I'll close for now.

Look after yourselves and keep well, tell David to be a good lad.

Goodnight and God Bless.
Your Loving Son.
Ken. [kisses]
David. [kisses]



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