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The RAF has changed their plans and they are not being sent overseas or mixed with transport command. Redundancy looks likely.

His squadron is about to disband and his flight will become part of Transport Command. He may be retrained for non-flying duties in Yorkshire. He discusses complications regarding the wedding due to the leave situation.

He and his crew have been practice bombing at night. He discusses wedding details. Only 16 days to wait.

He discusses their wedding plans then domestic news. They flew to Denmark to test German radar.

He writes that he has been flying to test German radar. He talks about their wedding plans, folk dropping out of the wedding and presents.

He thanks Jean for her letter and cake. He has booked their honeymoon hotel in Bideford since Lynton was not available. He has just enough petrol saved up and rationed. Jack is coming back so they can resume flying.

He replies to Jean's latest letter with domestic comments. He says he has no news.

His next leave is sorted, when they intend to get married. He is trying to book accommodation at Lynton and hotels enroute.

He is not flying because his pilot is ill. He writes about getting tyres for his car and playing in cricket match.

He discusses letters and a problem involving insurance. he is looking forward to his next leave.

He has been into Bury for a meal, cinema and beer. They went on a Cook's tour over Germany.

He thanks her for her letter and photograph. he hopes to get away on leave a little earlier. They have been doing POW trips and Cook's tours for ground staff.

He thanks he for her letter and a cake. He explains the RAF's system of pay for married men. He discusses their wedding arrangements.

He has been collecting POWs from Juvaincourt. He has been flying low over south England and describes changes to spots they have visited. He is expecting to get nine days leave.

His VE day was very quiet and they have been dropping food in Holland and collecting POWs from France.

He has still been dropping food in the Netherlands. He has been posted to Transport Command.

He has been supply dropping over Holland. He's not sure when or if he will get more leave. He has been offered more training but he wants to leave.

He describes his journey back to camp. He has not been busy flying. The camp is cold and there is a lot of talk of the end of service.

They travelled back in Ron's car from his leave. He enjoyed the cake she gave him. He discusses domestic matters.

He is planning to meet Jean in Bury St Edmunds. He describes his return journey to the camp.

He has not been flying much and things are becoming quieter. He has some leave soon.

He has been busy despite the weather. He writes about domestic matters since he can't discuss work.

They have been out drinking. He has recovered from playing football.

He talks about organising the kitchen when they get married. He has been doing more training.

He has enjoyed eating the cake Jean sent. He talks about leave and a day off they had in Cambridge.
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