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Sends congratulations and is full of pride. Telephone out of order.

Letter congratulates him on award of Distinguished Service Order and catches up with family news.

Mother writes to David's elder brother Ian who is in Scotland. Contains family and local news. Expresses concern for Ian's welfare.

Mother writes enclosing family letters and goes on with family chat and saying that she is on holiday with her sister, Nettie, She expressing some concern about the amount her daughter-in-law has to do looking after her granddaughter. Concludes with…

Mother expresses her delight and pride at hearing the recent news of his second Distinguished Service Order. Writes of father's visit to London and catches up with family/acquaintance news.

Writes of family and elections. Catches up with family news.

Writes about how much she misses family. Goes on to catch up with family news. Concludes catching up with acquaintances.

Wishes him a happy birthday and writes of her feelings and activities. Mentions she sent him a cake and catches up with family news. Mentions cold weather and other family and acquaintance matters.

Sends best wishes for Christmas and catches up with news of family and acquaintances. Mentions a nurse keeping them all in order. Mentions reflected glory she gets from him with fellow magistrates. Writes of granddaughter and hope to see them soon.

Writes with legal and other advice over custody of child. Catches up with activities and acquaintances.

Letter from his mother telling of her visit to see his wife and little daughter. It includes family news and the hope that Ian will be home soon. Catches up with acquaintance news. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the…

Birthday letter to David from his mother. She's mismanaged the day and will have to send a telegram as well. Other family chat about birthday presents. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Mother writes wishing him a 'good Xmas' . 's writing from Brambridge. David's mother, father, wife and daughter will go to Southampton for the Christmas break. It seems that David's father does occasionally stay in their Southampton home over…

His mother writes catching up with family mail and expressing relief and pleasure that her granddaughter, Frances, has arrived safely. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Letter from his mother written just after war was declared.. She is sorry that war has interrupted his studies. She describes how it has affected her and the domestic staff she employs in her house. Catches up with family news. Additional information…

Catches up with family news, activities and the weather. Mentions visit to Henley to watch brother Ian row.

Catches up with family news, activities and her beliefs, giving him her thoughts on some spiritual matters prior to his confirmation and telling him confirmaton presents (books) she will give him.


Writes of being settled in new accommodation and how she is managing. Catches up with new of family and acquaintances. Welcomes prospect of being a grandmother.

Writes of visiting future parents-in-law and about and about author's new location. Catches up with news of acquaintances.

Catches up with family news and mentions health issue. Congratulates him on squadron leader.

David Donaldson's mother writes of family and acquaintance affairs. Regrets the fact that fuel shortages in future will make trips out less likely.

Writes of activities and family

Letter to David Donaldson from his mother who is in Lisbon with his father who is there on business. She sympathises with David who has measles. She is rather bored having to follow his father around. and writes of playing golf and fathers business…
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