Letter to David Donaldson from his mother and father



Letter to David Donaldson from his mother and father


Letter congratulates him on award of Distinguished Service Order and catches up with family news.




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Four page handwritten letter and envelope


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[Postage stamps]
Wing Commdr David W Donaldson DSO DFG RAFVR
RAF Officers Mess
[page break]
Brambridge House
Bishopstoke Hants
[inserted] Ian & Co were all packed up for Blackpool but it was “as you were” [\inserted]
May 15th / 43
Dear David,
Hearty Congratulations on your well earned DSO We are all feeling like Peacocks. Your wife was simply beaming when I got back and even Frances seemed more cheerful – if possible – & all my friends run saying here's that d-d old bore again
Eyston [?] said there was someone of your name where his brother was i e Harwell but he must have made a mistake. I told him it was Warboys
[page break]
Rhodes was so taken with the Photo of you 3 in the avenue that he enlarged & coloured – said he could not resist. I sent copies – uncoloured – to your M-in-L, The Aunts & [underlined] The [/underlined] Aunt.
Many thanks for your letter as Mr Einstein would say I note that time for you is greatly accelerated by your velocity approaching that of light – its 3 years since you left SH&T not 2 as you suggest.
[changes to mother's handwriting]
Your daughter will not allow me to leave her side she has just swallowed a large crust whole & seems none the worse for it & looks
[insertion] [changes to father's handwriting]
Norman is here for a weeks leave seems a bit tired [/insertion]
[page break]
[changes to mother's hand writing]
a terrible sight oozing crumbs in all directions – I long for some D.S.O. ribbon to tie her up with all round, – [insertion] I feel it would suit her so well [/insertion] I am so glad you've got a pink ribbon, I think they look nicer than any others, & said so to Joyce the other day, but she said that was beyond anyone's wildest dreams as it was only D.S.O's or V.Cs, anyhow I feel terribly proud, as Norman says like the [indecipherable word] basking in reflected glory
Joyce has been walking on air all day, she burst into my room in such excitement with
[page break]
the news I could not think what had happened
Smith sent you his congratulations & all Brambridge purrs with [word deleted] pride -
I must stop Frances says she must have some attention
Joyce says she is writing tomorrow she is too excited to write today
Very much love
from your very proud



F Donaldson, “Letter to David Donaldson from his mother and father ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 14, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/12025.

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