Letter to David Donaldson from his mother



Letter to David Donaldson from his mother


Letter from his mother telling of her visit to see his wife and little daughter. It includes family news and the hope that Ian will be home soon. Catches up with acquaintance news. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.




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Four page handwritten letter


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Sunday July 28th
Brambridge Park

Dearest David
I went and saw Joyce and Frances on Wednesday last & enjoyed myself so much, Frances was so lovely & was so kind to me, sat on my lap and gurgled & poked fat fingers into my mouth. And with a rapt & inquisitive expression, I loved her & I don’t know when I’ve had such a pleasant day, & been so happy not since you were all here for your last leave I think – I enjoyed seeing my co-grandmother she’s always so nice and welcoming.
I stayed at the flat for three nights came home on Tuesday after a very comfortable journey in the train and altogether [page break] was very much refreshed.
Elizabeth rang up from Mattingley yesterday, Brian has got the job at Farnborough so now they are looking for some accomodation [sic] round that way, she expects to come into residence here in September.
I enclose a letter from Norman & Ian, it will be nice to have Ian home for a week.
Thorny and I are very well, we are enjoying having Emma wait upon us hand & foot and being proper ladies & gentleman for a space, & its [sic] so soothing to see the silver shine & the furniture polished, & I feel I was living in [page break] a pleasant dream.
[deleted] Joyce [/deleted] I hope Joyce & Frances will manage to get up to you for a bit, I think it would be so good for you all, & I think Joyce is such a remarkably capable young woman that I’m sure she will manage everything allright. [sic]
I see Mr Perkins, Wendy & [deleted] the [/deleted] her new baby yesterday, Wendy was in the throes of taking herself & baby off to two rooms at Odiham, feeling very nervous at the prospect. The baby is just half the size of Frances, very sweet & lively, very pretty, does not [page break] look such a capable woman as Frances.
I don’t think there is any news of any sort from this end – don’t bother to answer, I get news of you when I telephone to Joyce.
Very much love from us both
Sunday July 18
P.S. I have not sent on Ians [sic] letter as I have mislaid it but there is nothing in it except to say that he is coming home for a week on July 25 he hopes.



F Donaldson, “Letter to David Donaldson from his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 23, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/12012.

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