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Writes that he had arrived after an uneventful voyage across the Atlantic but did not know the name of port at which he disembarked. Comments about the voyage and his current situation, including sleeping arrangements, food, activities, weather and…

Writes of having breakfast after father got home from night duties. Mentions winter weather continuing with ice and local boys sledging. Still waiting for letters but they still keep writing to him. Writes about books from the library that she has…

Reports arrival of their latest cable and writes of the last one he sent them. Hopes mother would have good birthday. Reports arrival of other letters but still worries that his are not getting through. Assures them he has not forgotten them and is…

Letter from Rupert Harwood to his daughter Janet. He writes that he had a good journey and he didn’t get caught using another man’s pass. He also mentions that it is snowing and it is now about 12 inches deep. On the reverse 'Janet'.
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