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Two oblique aerial photographs with fields of view marked for 8" lens.
#1 The image shows the coastline of Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada.
#2 has similar marks but less annotation and shows fields.
On the reverse of both 'On loan P&R Darby…

Top left: Bridge in a park.
Top right: Two men sat on steps with tropical plants, A F Nye (right).
Centre: Canon mounted on a gun carriage in front of tiled roofed cottages in the Italian garden in the Ooty government botanical gardens.

Top left: Train with carriages crossing a rural scene.
Top right: Steam train in station at Ootacamund.
Centre left: Steam train passing through wooded valley.
Bottom left: Stream train with separate passenger carriages.
Bottom centre: Steam…

Top left: Commercial street scene with pedestrians.
Top right: Shopping street. A sign reads "K. Syed & Co"
Centre left: BRV theatre, on the corner of MG Road (South Parade) and St. Marks Road, Bangalore. A sign reads 'Gala Dance'.
Centre right:…

Inside a large, high ceilinged room with hanging globe lights and fans. A bar in the corner, with shelving behind, holds glasses and bottles. The room has an uncarpeted floor with comfortable low chairs, a side table and has potted palms.

Johnny Simms in uniform sat on stone monument to Subhedar Pillajirao Jadhav Samadhi. Annotated on the reverse: 'Johnny Simms Taken near Poona'.

A street scene taken at the junction of Mount Road, with Wallajah (road) and Blacker’s Road in Chennai formerly Madras. The writing across the front of the building reads 'Bosotto Brothers Ltd. and BATA'. A line of street bollards with a row of…

A four storey flat roofed building with balconies in the top three floors on a corner position on a street with pavement. A sign for the 'Cafe Victory & Stores' on the ground floor, with a few steps leading up to the entrance. A group of servicemen,…

Aerial oblique photograph of a river flowing from bottom left to right middle. A bridge is visible.

A vertical aerial photograph taken over fields. A road meanders from left to right.
It is annotated '2211 812. 6000 5" 11-6-44'

In the foreground a Wellington, on the hardstanding beyond formations of airmen lined up on parade. In the background camouflage painted hangars. On the reverse 'Parade to remember all those who died when nearly all 305(P) squadrons planes were lost.…

Two men and a woman standing in front of a large building. The image is slightly out of focus.

Dorris standing by the steps of a house. On the reverse ' This is Dorris and her surname may well have been Lester. A Dorris sent a telegram to Maurice congratulating him on his being awarded the DFC and she also sent him a Swan fountain pen.' The…

A large house in a semi-tropical garden. 318 East King Street, Quincy, Florida. On the reverse 'Maurice spent some time at this house since there are many photo's [sic] of Dorris and Maurice. There is a large photo in his personal album of possibly…

Maurice standing in uniform in the garden of 306 East King street Quincy, Florida. Part of a second man is visible on his left. On the reverse 'Maurice. Photo possibly taken by Dorris since she has tried to cut Pete out of the frame'.

Maurice standing outside a house. On the reverse 'Maurice at the house with Dorris'.
The house has been identified as 214 East King Street, Quincy, Florida 32351.

A building with 'Albany' in neon lights. On the reverse 'Albany Cinema'.
A second photograph is taken in darker lighting and has 'Albany Cinema by night'.

One car and a cyclist on an otherwise empty road, flanked by mature trees.
This has been identified as 214 East King Street, Quincy, Florida 32351.

A cart pulled by two horses in front of a detached house, 4498 Bemiss Road, Valdosta. On the reverse 'A common scene at Valdosta'.

A street scene with cars and pedestrians, identified on the reverse as Valdosta.

View of the junction of Park road and Bullington End Road, Milton Keynes. Open countryside and fields with site in the centre consisting huts and multi-storey buildings. Annotated 'M1'.

Twenty-three airmen wearing tunics with side caps kneeling and standing in three rows in front of a brick building. Bay window and doorway in building and sign 'Weeton House 47' above door.

Top left - an airman wearing tunic and side cap sitting on a wooden bench with bushes behind.
Top middle - view down a path towards the courthouse Picton, Ontario.
Top right - view across Picton Harbour with boats at near bank and trees on far…


Top left - semi-circular end to Cincinnati Union terminal building with clock on face.
Top middle - missing photograph.
Top right - view across lawn to a church with tower left and tree right.
Bottom left - missing photograph.
Bottom middle - an…


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